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Rome / SSPX Timeline - Updated


Update: I just found on La PorteLatine a timeline in french!

This timeline will be a long 'look back' over the 40 + year history of interactions between Rome and SSPX.

I intend to put a link to it in the 'pages' bar as I update it.

I started a couple of similar timelines:



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Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer no longer ... now Bishop Joseph Pfeiffer (Can't see this being a problem...)

I've had a series of "Error of the 'resistance' for years and now they've made their biggest mistake: Fr. Pfeiffer appears to have succeeded in conning some poor people into consecrating him a bishop.
I don't know who the consecrating bishop was (on the left in the photo) but wow - based on previous reports it took him close to a decade (apparently Bishop Williamson refused) to find someone to consecrate him as a bishop.
Given his doctrinal issues, I predict it won't be too long before he get's himself elected the pontiff of the 'resistance', just to one-up Bishop Williamson.
Well, they need prayers, lots of prayers, to remove the beam from their own eye(s).


h/t Eponymous Flower:

What’s Wrong with Personalism and ‘Theology of the Body’? - Don Pietro Leone (via Rorate-Caeli)

For me, the lovey touchy feely -ness of the Theology of the Body has always caused the hair to standup on the back of my neck.
So, perhaps it is my confirmation bias, but I was glad to see this article on Rorate-Caeli.

I haven't read the whole article - but this section caught my attention:
iii) Another problem is that of the goal(s) of marriage. Since the Pope’s marital and sexual ethics are an ethics of love, spousal love becomes the unique goal of marriage and sexuality. This however excludes the goal to which marriage and sexuality have been oriented by the Creator, namely procreation. In scholastic terms the finis operantis (the goal of the worker) ousts, or at least casts into shade, the finis operis (the goal of the work). The Pope to be accordingly described the conjugal act essentially as an act of love ‘with the possibility... of procreation’ (Person and Community ch. 19). Hereby TOB comes into conflict with Church teaching concerning the order of the ends of marriage. …

Thirty Days Prayer to Our Lady -

Providence has cast this prayer in my path twice in the last week.  I decided to post it here in order to have a copy handy.


Source Intro Prayer

With the condition of affairs in the cultural, political and physical world in a state of disarray we enter Lent - Ash Wednesday - February 25th - 2004 - more compelled then ever to pursue, diligently and faithfully, our personal road to holiness. It is a long, difficult path each of us treads, however, we do know the journey can be sweeter and more blessed if we travel it with others. Jesus has told us: "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, I am with you." And there are many other biblical passages, as well, that urge us to love and help one another.

A 'Thirty Day Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary ' was said by many Catholics during troubled times in their lives up until Vatican II. While looking through old stored away boxes, I came across a small white prayer book of the kind give…