Michael Voris


I'm certain that there is a label for the type of 'journalism' the Michael Voris et al under take.

Heck, I even was heartened by his early efforts to expose the corruption in the Church for others to see.

But let's face it, he's very late on the scene as Traditional Catholics have been aware of this problem for decades.

Voris et al are loud, but they are hardly the experts on this crisis.  Heck they have yet to be 'excommunicated' and they definitely haven't crossed the line of calling out the issues with the Pope.

They attempt to paint with a single black colour (deep dark black) whomever they set their sights on.
Be it the SSPX (who can forget their week long 'exposé' of the SSPX right before the Synod) or those aligned with them (CFNEWS) ... or non-SSPX Traditionalists like the Remnant.

If they cross the line in the sand that CMTV has drawn then they automatically deserve the full power of their internet ranting machine.

Frankly, I think the problem is that the line they have crossed is the lack of respect of the office of the Bishops that they are criticizing.  Not to mention the lack of respect for other Catholics.

In short, they are right and everyone else is wrong.

The hubris is evident to all with eyes.

Pray for Mr. Voris et al, because as stunning as their rise to internet fame, just as meteoric will be their fall.



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