Correcting the Pope - Part of Cardinal Mueller's Job Description


Cardinal Mueller's job description seems to have experienced some growth with the addition of the following:
Clarify and / or correct Papal statements that are contradicting Doctrine / Church practice with tact and charity.
Given his 'turn around', I'm beginning to warm up to Cardinal Mueller.  Especially since, I've been told, he has changed his opinion of the SSPX.

Below I have attached comments by Card. Mueller as noted in an article by Edward Pentin showing the new German Shepherd at work.

The entire article is worth reading.

What is missing is that the path to 'visible and institutional unity' is simply that the Lutherans as individuals set aside their heretical notions and accept the Catholic Faith whole and entire.  Working with the individual Lutheran 'churches' is a fool's errand as there are thousands of them.  To be effective it is necessary to go the heart of the matter (Dogma) and broadcast the truth with the convincing arguments.  Then pray and do penance that the Grace of God may flow into the souls of these people lost in the darkness of heresy.


Source: National Catholic Register
See also Rorate Caeli

Cardinal Mueller:
“That [the Pope’s visit to the Lutheran church] was a sign of hope, that the day would come when full unity of the visible Church in the profession of faith, of the sacramental signs of salvation and the episcopal constitution with the Pope as her head would be reached. Misunderstandings come up again and again because of a failure to take account of the fact that, unfortunately, there is actually a different understanding of the Church between Catholics and Protestants, and these differences are not only theological-conceptual, but of a confessional nature. But the most important object of ecumenical dialogue, which does not want to stick with the status quo (and use "colorful and nice" talk), is rather to lead the ecumenical movement towards its goal, namely the visible and institutional unity of the Church.”

Read More: NC Register


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