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Correcting the Pope - Part of Cardinal Mueller's Job Description

Cardinal Mueller's job description seems to have experienced some growth with the addition of the following:
Clarify and / or correct Papal statements that are contradicting Doctrine / Church practice with tact and charity. Given his 'turn around', I'm beginning to warm up to Cardinal Mueller.  Especially since, I've been told, he has changed his opinion of the SSPX.

Below I have attached comments by Card. Mueller as noted in an article by Edward Pentin showing the new German Shepherd at work.

The entire article is worth reading.

What is missing is that the path to 'visible and institutional unity' is simply that the Lutherans as individuals set aside their heretical notions and accept the Catholic Faith whole and entire.  Working with the individual Lutheran 'churches' is a fool's errand as there are thousands of them.  To be effective it is necessary to go the heart of the matter (Dogma) and broadcast the truth with the convincing argum…

Eponymous Flower: Father Schmidberger Foresees Canonical Recognition of the SSPX

h/t: Eponymous Flower

Just in time for the new year, I came across this blurb on Eponymous Flower.

While it doesn't say anything new, it does indicate that Fr. Schmidberger believes that eventually the SSPX will be regularized - something that I have held for many years.

Pope Francis does not appear to care a great deal for doctrinal differences (understatement of 2015), so he may be willing to try the experiment of tradition and not attempt to force the SSPX to compromise.  Further, he doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks.

Strangely, his apparent modernism / liberalism may enable him to succeed where his predecessor failed. In accepting the SSPX as they are.

If this be the case, God will have proved that once again He works in mysterious ways.

As always:


A Look Back - Where do we stand with Rome 2012

As Rome and the SSPX appeared close to reaching an agreement, the assumptions about the issues at the core of the disagreement between the two parties were tested.

Some were found wanting. Sedevacantists and the 'resistors' specifically.  Just as others had been tested earlier in 2000 who believed that the SSPX should accept the 'deal' offered.

However, the core issue is whether or not the SSPX would capitulate on two key points:

The Complete acceptance of the Second Vatican CouncilThe Acceptance of the New Mass
They did not compromise and some (resistors) believed that this in itself was a compromise.

Oh well, I've seen this before.


Courtesy of

Saga of the FFI

The saga of the FFI is important as a litmus test for the acceptance of Tradition within the Church.

It has been demonstrated again and again that without the proper protections, Traditional leaning organizations are at the whim and mercy of those in power in Rome.

Hence the reason for the SSPX's caution in agreeing to a canonical regularization.

Here's the latest on the FFI.



A Look Back - Declaration of the 2012 SSPX General Chapter

The Year 2012 was tumultuous for the SSPX as it appeared that Rome was willing to accept the SSPX as they are and as they are doing (quoting Archbishop Lefebvre).

This did not sit well with the modernists (aka Kasper et al), the Sedevacantists (within the SSPX) and the semi-Sedevacantists (Bishop Williamson et al, Fr. Pfeiffer et al).

Out of this crisis came clarity of direction and principles.

As the principles are Catholic, the actions will be good.

As the Sedevacantists and 'resistors', by necessity have to abandon the same principles, their actions will be objectively evil.

Which principles do I have in mind?

These ...


A Look Back - Declaration of 1974

Considered by many to be the rubicon moment for Archbishop Lefebvre when he felt compelled, in the face of scandalous statements made by the visitors, to make clear his position vis-a-vis the implementation of the Second Vatican Council and the reforms that issued from it.
However, I believe that the real moment happened earlier when the decision was made to not adopt the Novus Ordo Missae.

A Look Back - Declaration of 1994

I was going through some papers and came across this declaration of 1994.

I reproduce it here for the record.


Christmas Blessings

As this crisis of the Church enters a new phase, please remember that the practice the virtues is our certain path.

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and a Holy New Year!


Michael Voris

I'm certain that there is a label for the type of 'journalism' the Michael Voris et al under take.

Heck, I even was heartened by his early efforts to expose the corruption in the Church for others to see.

But let's face it, he's very late on the scene as Traditional Catholics have been aware of this problem for decades.

Sedevacantism and Heresy

I've observed three core reactions during this crisis of the Catholic Church.

The Pope can't be wrong, therefore this is the New SpringtimeThe Pope is infallible in certain conditions and there is a problem with many things that have been said, done and written, during and after the Second Vatican Council (even in the Council doc).The Pope can't be wrong, this stuff is wrong, therefore he isn't Pope. Of course there are a spectrum of responses in between, but these are the key elements.
The 1st group holds the words of the Pope et al as impeccable. Here, let me get you a Koran to kiss...
The 3rd group holds that they've all been heretics and lost their office.  There is also a spectrum within this group.  
One answer is that they are very poor judges of heresy.  The link below provides some reasoned thought that, I'm happy to say, is completely consistent with Church Teaching.

Canon law blog: Its not impossible just very difficult to glean heresy from cond…

Abbey Roast Coffee

For decades I have limited my consumption of coffee to 1 to 2 cups per year.

Last week, one of my daughters brewed me a cup of Abbey Roast Coffee.  It revived memories of the coffee that my Dad used to make when I was much younger.

So, today I bought two bags and given that I'm supporting the Benedictines - it's a bargain!

I have a suspicion that I will exceed my yearly quota from this point forward.

To help support the Benedictines, I have added a link on my blog for them. I receive nothing if you click the link - so click, order and enjoy!


Wars and Rumours of Wars - US vs ISIS


The US Defense Secretary has written an article (Defense News) and I'd like to highlight a few elements that I believe give an indication of where things are heading.

Building on some of the decisions we made early this year, we have significantly accelerated our campaign against ISIL. We have built out new special operations capabilities in Iraq and Syria, stepped up our air campaign and are working with local, capable, motivated ground forces to pressure ISIL strongholds from multiple directions at once. Following the attacks in Paris, NATO allies Germany, the United Kingdom and France have all brought additional capabilities to coalition. I have personally reached out to nearly 40 allies and partners around the world asking them to step up their contributions. Together, ISIL is an evil that we must and will deliver a lasting defeat.

A Grand Inversion at the Heart of Neo-Catholicism - The Remnant

I have just received my first issue of The Remnant and I recommend that everyone obtains a subscription.

The existence of a good Catholic Press informing and providing insight to this crisis is essential.

Mr. Archbold's article gives a good outline of what is known as Cognitive Dissonance and the challenges it presents.  No one tries to be subject to cognitive dissonance, confirmation biases etc.  It is just a result of our constitution.

Anyone can fall prey to these mental fallacies.

Humility is the first step to overcoming the biases that hold us prisoner.  This cannot be had without a at least a healthy, if not strong, spiritual life.

A broad perspective from good reading is the capstone.


Two Traditional Catholic Priests Called To God

Canada recently lost two Catholic priests.

Fr. Greuter ( article below) a longtime associate of the SSPX and who had long been a bastion of the Faith on the West.

Fr. Stephen Somerville, who 'came to Tradition' who actually regretted his involvement in ICEL.  More can be read here at Vox Cantoris.

Please pray for the repose of their souls and the souls of all priests who have passed from this life to the next.  They must give a much stricter account for the time that the Master of the Vineyard granted to them.

Also, please pray for Fr. Yves Normandin the 'Pastor Out in the Cold', who presently lives at the SSPX associated care home in Levis.  He is presently in good health, but the toils of his 'middle age' are taking their toll.


Dominicans of Avrillé, St. Thomas and the Jubilee Year

In 2012, something curious happened that surprised a number of people.  The SSPX followed its principles.

This did not agree with those who now swell the ranks of the 'resistance' (sarcasm).  Sadly, but not too surprisingly, this includes the monks of Avrillé


h/t Tradinews

Google Translation to be supplemented by Tradical as time allows.

SOURCE - Bertrand Y. - Gloria TV - December 7, 2015
The Dominicans of Avrillé felt they had to publish a text against the participation of Catholics (Traditional, obviously) to the Jubilee Year decided by Pope Francis.

This text resumes Good Father in his beloved forms the structure St Thomas Aquinas, with citations and scholarly research. Coming from anyone, one could think of a pastiche, one would find this funny but certainly eventually moved. After verification, this article (which is found online) has many Dominicans of Avrillé, and it is feared that it is "serious", alas.

Communion for all? How about Confession for all!

Why be selfish and share only Holy Communion with Adulterers and Protestants? We should also share the Sacrament of Penance!

The Synod of the Family is finally over and it appears that the Church has exchanged "Unity of Faith" for a combination of "Unity in Ambiguity" and "Unity in Diversity".

Following the Synod's quest for "Unity in Ambiguity", Pope Francis is reported as saying, "All the Divorced who ask will be admitted [to Communion]" (Rorate-Caeli).

Also, in the quest for "Unity in Diversity", the U.S Conference of Bishops committee on ecumenical and inter-religious affairs has issued an ecumenical declaration in which we find the following:

The conclusion invites the PCPCU and the LWF to create a process and timetable for addressing the remaining issues. It also suggests that the expansion of opportunities for Lutherans and Catholics to receiv…

True of False Pope?

In this crisis of the Church the actions of the Catholic Clergy (Popes and Bishops included!!!) have so scandalized some faithful that they have concluded that these men cannot possibly be Pope.

That they are justifiably scandalized is a give.  However that does not justify their conclusion that the See of Peter is vacant (sedevacante).

I have encountered a number of sedevacantist proponents both in person and on line.  They range from gentlemen to rogues with regards to their opinions.  Sadly, most that I have encountered are rogues who lack the objectivity to work judge their opinions in the light of Church doctrine.

I hope this book will both enlighten those who believe the See of Peter to be vacant, believe that the Pope is someone other than Pope Francis, or are tempted to despair by the actions of this present Pope.


Source: TrueOrFalsePope.Com

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