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A Sedevacantist Argument

I've been discussing an issue with a Catholic who adheres to the Sedevacantist thesis.  As rational discussions help to bring forth the truth on a matter, I have decided to publish some key aspects here.

As is my wont, I will attempt to provide relevant authorities prior to delving into the argument put forth.

Magisterium and Levels of Assent

Understanding the levels of assent to be given to the teachings of the Church is a critical success factor in walking the knife's edge during this crisis of the Church. 

The levels of assent are generally associated with the theological grades of certainty, which are not surprisingly mirrored by the censures for contravening the teachings of the various levels.

Catholic Traditionalists: Rebels with a Cause!!!

Catholic Traditionalists get called a lot of names: Lefebvrist, Schismatic, Older people nostalgic for structures and customs which are no longer life-giving in today's world etc.  Most of the labels accuse them (at least implicitly) of being crypto-Lefebvrists.  At least that's the reason given for destroying the FFI.

There is a lot of fuss being made about the rebellious SSPX.  The question is what is the root cause of their 'rebellion'?  Simple, they refused to go along with the 'new way'.  Specfically, they refused to accept the Second Vatican Council in the light of the 'Spirit of the Council'.  In fact they are the originators of the 'accept the council in the light of tradition' principle (see four points). In like manner they have determined that they cannot accept the Novus Ordo Missae as it is a protestantized rite and violates the Lex Orandi - Lex Credidi principle.  
Interested, why not find out more?
The best place to start to l…

Cognitive Biases

Here's  a graphic of some biases - some more applicable than others.


Links to articles of interest


There remain significant demands on my time ... so here are links to some articles that I thought were worth reading!

Remnant: Cardinal Sarah: Pope cannot change divine lawIn this article, what caught my eye was if Russia attacks a Turkish aircraft, NATA is obligated to respond. Sounds like the same recipe that started WW1.CBC: Russian pilot's fateDICI: Synodal Reactions (Bishop Schneider and Cernea)Remnant: Can the Church depose a heretical Pope? Very topical - unlikely but topical. Remnant: Bribery No, Adultery SiSouth African cardinal predicts ‘strong reaffirmation of the Church’s teaching’ from Pope : News Headlines | Catholic CultureCatholic Culture: South African cardinal (delusional???)Archbishop Lefebvre, Islam and the Media | Catholic Family NewsCF News: Archbishop Lefebvre, Islam and the mediaThe Truth about Islam | None | Catholic Family NewsCF News: Truth about Islam in time for Christmas: Pope Francis Insult Gen…

And now for something completely different - good news!!!! The SSPX School in Wanganui!

It's easy to get loaded down with all the bad things happening in the Church / World.
Now here's some good news!
Source: Wanganui Chronical / NZ Herald

The aftermath of the Synod

Some time has elapsed since the conclusion of the Synod, which in theory should allow us to read commentary with greater objectivity.

I wonder which way the Pope will go ... we'll know when the exhortation finally is released.

Courtesy of

On the Terrorist Attacks and the Kingship of Christ - SSPX

There have been a number of reactions to the attacks in France, which have been followed by others in Mali.
Judge for yourself whether or not this is a Catholic response!
Courtesy of the Remnant

Travelling, blogging and sense making

I've been travelling quite a bit of late, hence the dearth of postings.

However, looking at the news streams I've picked out the following threads:

Why is a dangerous place on the web

Over the years I've grown accustomed to Dr. Mirus' and Mr. Lawler's perspective of Catholicism (read: its annoying and usually pompous).  While the content on their site is pretty good, their commentary is not.
Here's an example that caught my eye a couple of days ago:
However, although he favored the Kasper proposal (according to my assumptions) Pope Francis should also have recognized that he could not take such a dramatic step alone. The power of the Roman Pontiff is extraordinary but it is not unlimited. When he teaches with authority, the Pope must speak for, and in union with, the college of bishops.This year’s Synod meeting demonstrated that the world’s bishops are not united behind the Kasper proposal. By pushing the matter, then, the Pope would violate his duty to serve as the focus of unity within the episcopate. (Source)

RORATE EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Athanasius Schneider reaction to Synod Door to communion for divorced & remarried officially kicked open

While I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the prelates who have stepped forward to defend Church Teaching (I could almost say FINALLY) - like Cardinal Mueller, there are those that are not surprising at all: Bishop Schneider!

Courtesy of Rorate-Caeli here's another article the call as spade a spade.


Source: Rorate-Caeli

Synod of the Family - Unity in Ambiguity

Well the Synod of the ___________ is over and the dust is still settling.

Given that people are finally fighting the deviants, I suspect a lot of name calling like this:
From: Thomas Rosica []
Sent: March 24, 2011 8:18 PM
(…) your vision of the Church will not help you to grow. It simply confirms you where you are. …
You launch arrows and broadcast yourself from a website. You have no theological formation ... Your keyboard and your monitor do not make you a bishop or liturgist.  
Fraternally yours in Christ,
Fr. RosicaSource - A fellow Canadian blogger - Vox Cantoris
... will be in the media for a while.

I plan on attending a breakfast meeting with my local ordinary.  The topics: Synod, Communion for the Adulterers (oops Divorced and Civilly Remarried), homosexuality etc.

Of course, the Pope claims (rightfully) to be the guarantor of Unity of Faith (I'm not certain that he really understood what the other Vatican Council taught about this ... but…