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Rome / SSPX Relations Timeline

I started a Rome/SSPX timeline a while back and came across this one in the Regina Caeli.

Here's a reformated version that eventually I hope to transcribe.

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Resistance to What???

The good thing about a 'crisis' is that it affords the ability to clarify various aspects that surround the root of the crisis.

The 2012 events within the SSPX were no different.  There were a variety of assumptions being made by people who call themselves 'resistors' about the principles of the SSPX. When these assumptions were proven to be false, they separated themselves from the SSPX - just like the sedevacantists in 1983.

One of these days I intend to transcribe the article ... but for now here's the pics.


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Dogmatizing Opinion

One of the facets of this crisis is that the Church Authorities, in general, are either actively working to change the Dogmas / Doctrines of the Catholic Church (ie Heretics such as Kasper, Daneels, Cupich) or are undermining them by not promoting the same Dogmas / Doctrines (my Canadian Diocese appears to fall under this classification).

The result is the biblical: Strike the Shepherd and the Sheep will scatter.

Declaration Concerning the Final Report of the Synod on the Family - SSPX

Maybe Michael Voris is right to fear people in droves fleeing to the sanity of the SSPX.

Here's what Peter Skojec of onepeterfive had to say about the SSPX declaration on the synod:

The Most Authentically Catholic Analysis of the Synod……comes to us from Bishop Fellay of the SSPX. You know, those guys. The ones who sit aloof in the corner while the cool kids at the dance dish fantastic gossip about.
“Did you hear that they’re, like, in schism? Whatever that means!”
“They had a really bad breakup with the pope in the 1970s. Totes not even Catholic anymore!”
“My friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s virtual spiritual director told her that, like, every Mass they say is more offensive to God than, like, a SATANIC MASS!!!”
Chitter away ladies. While you’re busy tearing down others to make yourselves look good, this is what a Catholic bishop (and dare we hope a future pope?) should sound like:
... sspx declaration ...
The funny thing is that there’s an almost universal rule of human exp…


The circus that is called the Synod has a ringleader and that is the Pope.  A Pope who allows an impression of favouring the liberal agenda to fester and grow at every opportunity.

Without a good leader, we have 'Babel'.


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Filed under From RomeNews The second Synod on the Family will end this Sunday, October 25, and all observers are wondering what might come of it…. A commission of experts who will study the question of divorced and civilly remarried Catholics? A Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation by Pope Francis? A magisterial document on marriage and the family? After more than two weeks of work, nobody knows. Yet the general impression is of great doctrinal confusion and profound divisions between the Synod Fathers. Of course, they will talk about “synodal polyphony” or a “collegial symphony” in order to hide the genuine cacaphony. And to mask the real risk of a de facto schism, they will say that they have arrived at a “diffe…

Bishop Williamson denounces resistance to be sedevacantist - Part 2

Now we know that Bishop Williamson already noted that Sedevacantists hold that the documents of V2 need to be tossed into the bin.

What other aspects did he note about the moderate or extreme Sedevacantists (note the full article can be found here)?

How about this:
(1) Pope John-Paul II is so far from being Catholic that one may seriously doubt whether he is Pope at all. ... and perhaps this ...
(2) The official Church and its leaders have gone so far in their false “renewal” that they may be ignored by Catholics. ... and of course this ...
(3) Present Church superiors have so betrayed the Faith that they can in no way be considered the real churchmen. I admit that the 'resistance', while it has some core common beliefs, also has a flair for diversity and sedevacantism.

What about the sedevacantists???

While Mr. Voris continues to confuse the SSPX with sedevacantists etc, I know that a number of 'modern' Catholics are questioning whether or not Pope Francis is really Pope.

They need help.

Fortunately, SSPX Traditional Catholics have long dealt with this issue and I have discussed it in the 'sedevacantism' series and linked good articles.

In that theme - here's another one!


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Synod - the continuing saga

While the focus is currently on the 'Synod' this is just the latest skirmish in a 50 year long battle that is only a small part in the much longer history of such battles that form the fabric of this war between God and Satan.

Very simple in its final analysis.

The question is how to be a light to the world?  Is the Synod with its focus on various sins really a call to the practice of virtue?  

Not from what I've seen so far.  To be honest I haven't really followed the Synod all that closely as I hold it is vastly over-rated and sensationalized.

I realize that a number of people are all up in arms over the scandalous issues of the Synod, but really this is a case of too little too late.

The horse bolted out of the barn 50 years ago, all that's happening now is they're sweeping out the barn in order to sell the farm.

I'm not advocating a passive 'nothing I can do' attitude, but I am advocating not letting it disturb your peace of soul.  Be s…

A Sedevacantist Response from a Non-Sedevacantist

Update: The author of the response has indicated that he is not sedevacantist.

I responded on Suscipe Domine to a question with the following:
Following the same level of doctrinal authority[Concerning Canonizations]:
We can be confident that Pope Francis is validly elected as Pope due to the universal acceptance by the Bishops.
Concerning the canonizations, only the aspect that the person canonized is enjoying the beatific vision is covered by infallibility.

Bishop Williamson denounces resistance to be sedevacantist ... or ....


... at least he would if he followed his old principles ... but he seems to like the new ones too much.

When the "resistors" started off, they claimed that they were the carrying on the path of Archbishop Lefebvre.  I have read that Fr. Pfeiffer even claims that he is still a member of the SSPX and that Bishop Fellay is his superior.

This is a farce.

The Synod is Irrelevant


The synod is simply a meeting of invited bishops to provide their thoughts and opinions to the pope Unlike the Second Vatican Council, it has no magisterial authority.  Period. (SSPX: How much authority does a Synod have?)All these synods do is provide a venue for prelates to proclaim their orthodoxy or lack thereof. It simply is an opportunity for the chasm between the good and the bad to be clearer. For the fence sitters like the neo cats ,including cmtv et all,  they will be inexorably confronted with any inconsistencies in their principles. As will we all.

Open Letter to the Canadian "Resistors" aka La Resistance


Dear Canadian Resistors,

As the 'resistance' splinters into a number of different factions, this is an opportunity to consider some key questions:
Is a Catholic practicing virtue when they avoid the Sacraments when there is no immediate or proximate danger to the Faith, particularly Sunday Mass - a precept of the Church?

Truth, Fact, Opinion, Suspicion, Fiction

Doctrine and Dogmas are 'artifacts' of the Catholic Faith.  You can read them in various Theological texts, but Catholic Culture exists in people as values but primarily as assumptions.

Since assumptions are the result of continuous learning they are stable and if contradicted will result in a strong emotional response.  As long as the assumptions are aligned with what the Church actually teachings / believes, then a person is in calm waters. The real trouble occurs when there is a misalignment between what a person believes (assumes) the Church teaches and what is really Dogma/Doctrine.

What you must do ...

Reading the news from the Synod, I get the sense that this is what it would have been like to read reports during the unfolding of the Second Vatican Council.
John 13:27. And after the morsel, Satan entered into him. And Jesus said to him: That which thou dost, do quickly. (Source) My wife mentioned the above quote to me this morning, and I agree completely.  
The frustration that we both feel is that we just want the traitors to make their move quickly and step from the shadows into the light and declare their heresy openly.
Then we'll know where we (and the Pope) stand!!!


My friend Idiotadoctus has written his own rebuttal to Pope Michael Voris and has consented to my publishing it here on the pages of Tradicat.
I suspect that Mr. Voris is going to shortly be confronted by the inconsistencies of his position.
So here's another perspective on Voris' et al by someone who's been involved with the SSPX even longer than me!

Michael Voris - A Case of Traditional Catholic Arrested Development

I first started watching Mr. Voris in 2010 when I switched from a dial-up to DSL internet connection.
Having witnessed people go through the phases of grief at realizing what was started in from Oct 11, 1962, didn't end in Dec 8, 1965, that was only the end of the beginning, I was interested to watch his development.

Dogmas of the Catholic Faith (de fide) - Expanded Listing


A friend had mentioned that he has seen a longer list of truths of the Faith than the one I posted here.  I have finally discovered it online. I have yet to completely determine what dogmas were missed in the original, those I have found are highlighted.

Source: A List Of The Dogmas Of The Catholic Church - Fr. Carota

Alternate Source: Referencing Ott

CMTV and Michael Voris - Two Points

As part of the SSPX-fest, BRADLEY ELI, M.DIV., MA.TH. of CMTV, wrote and article claiming that the SSPX is in a state of heresy.
... The SSPX even claims the Novus Ordo Mass is intrinsically evil and no one should ever go to a Mass unless it's in the Old Latin Rite — and only then if it's offered by an SSPX priest. This recent video on the Society's website clearly states their long-held position in this regard. It's necessary for them to view the Church crisis this way because only then do they feel justified in going rogue. But what they're describing is actually heretical as it denies the dogma of the indefectibility of the Catholic Church. Truth and grace cannot fail universally from the Pope on down. Christ said of Peter, "On this rock I will build my Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it."
In March 2009, Pope Benedict XVI wrote a letter explaining the SSPX separation is doctrinal in nature and not merely canonical or lega…

Monthly "Resistance" Roundup - Updated

The biggest news from the resistance is that the Toronto Chapter (ecclesia militans) and English Chapter (recusant) have both turned on Bishop Williamson.

Not too surprising as there is no reason for them to bow to Bishop Williamson anymore than there is to bow to Boston, Kentucky when saying prayers.

... oh by the way: The accusations and intrigues continue to about at the seminary with numerous accounts of 'issues' being published on cathinfo.

As the english say: The 'resistors' are nutters.

As I say, truth is stranger than fiction.

Pray for the followers of Fr. Pfeiffer because, if they are a cult, they will be blind to any criticism against him - as I've already experienced.


I just found this tidbit courtesy of ecclesia militans:

Fr. Eric Jacqmin is on the verge of being expelled from the Society of St. Pius X.  Yesterday he gave a good catechetical conference in Kent, England on the theological virtues, the supernatural life, and the simple love of …

Everything You wanted to know the Infallibility of the Catholic Church but were afraid to ask about - Part 9

Concept and Classification of Dogma
1. Concept
By dogma in the strict sense is understood as a truth immediately (formally) revealed by God which has been proposed by the Teaching Authority of the Church to be believed as such. The Vatican Council explains: Fide divina et catholica ea omnia crcde.nta sunt, quae in verbo Dei scripta vel tradito continentur et ab Ecclesia sive solemni iudicio sive ordinario et universali magisterio tanquam divinitus reve1ata credenda proponuntur. D 1792. All those things are to be believed by divine and Catholic faith which are contained in the Word of God written or handed down and which are proposed for our belief by the Church either in a solemn definition or in its ordinary and universal authoritative teaching.

Petition to the Holy Father - SSPX DICI

The interesting thing about the canonical (or lack thereof) structure of the SSPX is that, while being within the Church, they have the ability to be the conscience of the Pope.

Case in point, one person asked Pope Benedict XVI what he was thinking of when he gave communion to Brother Roger Schutz (a protestant). That answer " what would the SSPX say". (More on Taize here....)

In this case, Bishop Fellay has asked for the Pope to do what every good Catholic should be doing (yes you too Mr. Voris et al).  

Namely, uphold the Catholic Faith!


Courtesy of DICI

A Look Back: Archbishop Lefebvre: why the SSPX uses the 1962 missal

With all the false advertising on the web, it is important to understand the actual motivations for  Archbishop Lefebvre and by extension, the SSPX.

This letter, written when a number of priest showed their sedevacantist position and they attempted to usurp the Superior General (sound familiar?), provides a key insight to the motivations of the Archbishop.


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The SSPX is Not in Schism: A Point by Point Rebuttal to CMTV's "Catholi-Schism" - Chris Jackson

I was going to write a rebuttal to some (not all) of Michael Voris' weeklong distraction from the real issue (ie the Pope).

However, I am absolutely ecstatic that Chris Jackson has beat me to it with a point by point rebuttal of the 'FBI' episode.

So I will focus my efforts on a couple of other articles that were posted in the CMTV SSPX-fest.


Courtesy of the Remnant

Update: Here's an earlier article by Mr. Jackson that was posted after the first episode in the SSPX-fest.

An Unprincipled Resistance


In contrast with Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX's principled resistance to the novelties of and emanating from the Second Vatican Council we have the 'resistance'.

They believe that the 'SSPX' has gone soft.  That is a nice cosy ambiguous phrase.  That the SSPX has left aside the anger of the 80's and 90's is not in question.  That this represents a 'doctrinal' shift is ludicrous.

A Principled Resistance

Archbishop Lefebvre's and by extension the SSPX, response to the Neo-Modernist Crisis of the Church was guided by a set of principles. These principles I've discussed and expanded upon in this series of posts that I have collected as part of my studies.

These principles create a logical framework of artifacts, values and assumptions for guiding their response to various events / actions.