Cmtv, schism, Bishop Morlino and perspective


Bishop Morlino has apologized for some aspects of his letter concerning the sspx. ( see remnant video courtesy of the remnant).

Now for a little perspective.

It is pretty obvious to me that the sspx is simply a target of cmtv's attacks because their principled response to this crisis in the Church is at odds with theirs. Simply put Cmtv acts as if the Pope's actions (by their silence) are all ok in toto. They are, I understand, but afraid that criticism of the Pope will drive people to the sspx. Yet they attack the bishops who are, for many, many the face of the Catholic Church.

The problem with Cmtv, as with others that are still in the anger phase of grieving, is that they continually point out all the scandalous actions within the Church without giving their readers something to sustain them in this crisis and to remain Catholic.

In short they are not teaching them the virtues.

I believe that the instigators of these attacks are afraid that the sspx response may actually have been a justified and correct response. I am not stating that it was a perfect response but a correct response for their circumstances.

If the principles are good and followed with prudence, and then we know that their path was a good one.

If their principles are good, then those who abandon them (ie resistance) or criticize them (cmtv) are wrong.

It would be nice if cmtv and the resistance would identify which principles are wrong.

Something to consider.



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