CMTV offers its understanding of schism and Tradical responds


CMTV has posted its thoughts on schism here.  I decided to reply - we'll see if they post my comments. Just in case ... here's what I wrote.

I understand that recently a CMTV moderator stated that the SSPX is formally in schism and that they are all in a state of mortal sin.

Wow, talk about hubris and a lack of catechesis.


Your theory primarily rests upon what constitutes 'submission' to the Holy Father. Simple disobedience does not constitute an act of schism, it is necessary to deny the Pope's divine right to rule.  Now if the Pope had not required the SSPX to compromise on its points of conscience and they continued to refuse to obey a legitimate command (one that met all the conditions for obedience) then you'd have a case.
Concerning 'refusing communion with other Catholics', again there is a problem with the thesis as you have ignored the reasons for their recommending (not forbidding) against attending the New Mass, and seeking the Sacraments from non-ED communities. 

The New Mass as promulgated is objectively a 'departure from the Theology of the Mass as defined by the Council of Trent'.  As such the SSPX ascribes the label of 'evil' using the definition of an absence of a due good.  Please note that this is concerning the rite and not the sacrifice itself.  A simple example is that removal of the genuflection by the Priest immediately after the consecration. In the old rite the genuflection demonstrated the belief that the priest alone confected the sacrament and not by the power or faith of the congregation. 

The removal of this genuflection is simply one point where the Catholic Theology is not supported and a heretical one is emulated.  Similarly, the Ukranian Bishops in Canada have removed the filioque from the Creed in order that it not offend the Schismatic Orthodox.  Here, as in the New Order of Mass, we have a suppression of an expression of Catholic belief to favour a non-Catholic belief. 
This, ultimately, is the root justification that the SSPX provides for abstaining from attending the New Order of Mass as in this light it constitutes a danger to the Faith as the New Mass is a "banal on the spot fabrication" (quoted Pope Benedict XVI).
So, really this article is more of a caricature of the principles that guide the SSPX than a factual representation. 
Now concerning your conclusion that the SSPX is in a state of schism.  The CDF does not agree.  The CDF states (when asked clearly if they are in a formal state of schsim) that simply they are "not in full communion". 
CMTV would do better than to promote an incomplete perspective of the SSPX and go beyond what the CDF has stated concerning their status within the Church. ( )
God bless and keep you in peace of soul.


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