Annulments - Catholic Divorce???


Pope Francis definitely wants to make a mess. I agree with Hilary White, and the Church needed a Pope like this in order to get the illness to manifest itself openly!!!

Early on it was claimed that the Church must raze the bastions (V2 razed Doctrine, Consilium razed the liturgy, the Synod and Pope Francis are razing Catholic Morality while deftly undermining Catholic Dogma further).

I pity the pain that will be caused in order to clean up this mess.


Pope Francis has just announced a new and streamlined annulment procedure, but is it open to abuse?
A revised procedure for granting annulments was published on September 8th during a press conference at the Vatican. Published under the title of Mitis Judex Dominus Jesus (“The Gentle Judge, the Lord Jesus”),[1] Pope Francis states that his “concern for the salvation of souls”[2] motivated him to enact these changes.
What is called "annulment" is more properly speaking a “declaration of nullity” which affirms that a bond of marriage never existed between a couple in the first place. The moral certitude of such a declaration must be based upon the review by ecclesiastical judges of the submitted evidence and testimony. Following a declaration of nullity, the parties have the right to marry others with the Church’s blessing if there is no canonical impediment (a circumstance that would forbid matrimony).
Pope Francis’ revision “has substantially altered” a time-proven juridical process and could possibly serve as a “springboard for potential abuse”.[3] The most disconcerting alteration to the annulment process is the removal of the “double confirming sentence,” meaning that a second judgment of nullity was required before the nullity was settled—a safeguard intended to ensure with moral certitude that the marriage bond had never existed.
It was this very point of the traditional juridical process that Cardinal Raymond Burke (former head of the Apostolic Signature, the Church’s “Supreme Court”) defended in the book, Remaining in the Truth of Christ, while citing the chaotic situation which held sway in American dioceses during the ‘70s and ‘80s when this crucial step was de facto omitted.  
We will soon be offering a more in-depth commentary on the problems withMitis Judex Dominus Jesus.
1 Presently the document is only available in Latin and Italian.
2 Cited from Crux article of September 8, 2015: “Pope Francis streamlines process for granting annulments”.


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