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A look back: Superior General's Letter #60 May 2001

Understanding the SSPX's response to this crisis of the Church is, obviously, a key component of understanding the SSPX.

This look back is centered on the early days of the Rome's renewed interest in the SSPX. At that point, Rome presented a canonical structure (Carrot) on the condition of complete acceptance of the Second Vatican Council and the New Mass.

In 2011/12, it appeared that the Pope had removed the requirement for a complete acceptance of the Council/New Mass. Following the principle of obedience, the SSPX seriously considered this since no-compromise was required.   We all know that, for whatever reason, the Pope was unable to follow through with his initiative.

Pray that the Synod will be the 'shock treatment' needed to help the Pope, Cardinals and Bishops realize the danger of the Conciliar Time-Bombs and take the action necessary to repair the damage.


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The Six Conditions - Following Catholic Principles

I know that I had committed to working on a series on the virtues.

However, the continuous stream of nonsense coming from the resistance does periodically require an answer, if only for the sake of justice.

Tony La Rosa (a Toronto based 'Resistor' aka ecclesiamilitans) has posted an article about the 'internal resistance' of those priests who disagree with the 'new direction' of the SSPX.

I'd like to to point out a few things.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt - FUD of the Resistance ...

 Every argument that I have seen from the 'resistance' is based in either Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt (FUD) and is based on the appeal to fear fallacy.

FUD is a marketing technique employed by those who have products of lesser quality than their competitors.  The whole objective is to instill in the mind of a prospective 'client' one of the techniques three characteristics.

A Look Back: Pope Francis Celebrates Tragic Anniversary Today in Rome Featured - The Remnant

As we creep closer to the October Synod, I thought it best to revisit an article by Michael Matt of the Remnant.

Why is this important?  Because the Second Vatican Council, willingly or otherwise, by its vague & ambiguous language enabled the deformation of Catholic Theology, Liturgy and Law that followed.

I suspect that the Synod may take a similar route.  Vague & ambiguous language that will enable a deformation of Catholic Morality.


You get what you pray for ...


In these pages, I've often pointed out that differences in assumptions result in wildly different expressions of belief (artifacts).  For example the difference between the Tridentine Mass and that of the Novus Ordo.

Below is yet another excellent article from Rorate-Caeli that highlights some key differences.

In short, you get what you pray for!!!


Source: Rorate-Caeli

Lake Garda Statement - 2015

While Michael Voris persists in attacking the SSPX (I do note that he left out the Remnant, CFNews etc) the signatories were discussing the real problems and appealed to the Pope.


Because this crisis was started by a Pope and will be ended by a Pope.


Ecumenical Bibles

Well, I just received an invitation from Ignatius Press buy a copy of "Living the Truth in Love".

When looking at the 'sneek peek', I noticed that the scriptural references were from the "Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible, Second Catholic Edition".

Now call me suspicious, but when confronted with a new bible I usually check Luke 1 26-38 just in case it is a protestant bible masquerading as a Catholic Bible.

The Magisterium of Michael Voris - Chris Jackson - The Remnant

Chris Jackson has nailed it with this article.

Who is Michael Voris to complain about the Pope not slapping down the SSPX like in the good old 90's?


Can't be divisive now ... can we???

I once sat in a meeting with Archbishops discussing the implementation of Universae Ecclesia.
One thing that was drilled into the minds of the hopeful laity was that any sign of 'divisiness' would not be tolerated.
To quote: This is what feeds your soul, that (reference to various inculturated N.O.M.) is what feeds their souls There was to be no talk of the superiority of the Tridentine Mass to the Novus Ordo Missae, because that would be ... wait for it ... divisive.

I sometimes wonder who is really divisive?

Source: Rorate-Caeli Anything that divides must be cut away


Church Militant TV and the SSPX - Again

The old narrative used to be that the SSPX was 'schismatic' and 'excommunicated'.

Now the excommunication has been lifted for a number of years and the only ones who think it still has effect are the 'resistors'.

That leaves the other opponents of the SSPX with the label 'schismatic'.

Make it clear, the conservative Catholics have issues with the SSPX probably because they violate some of their assumptions about the Faith and this crisis of the Church.

Church Militant TV is one of these the exists along the Catholic thought spectrum.

They like the Traditional Mass but must ensure that they don't get tarred with the same 'schismatic' brush that the liberals use against the SSPX.  So what do they do, they use the same brush against the SSPX.

The funny thing is that even when the Church does speak, they don't want to listen and persist in calling the SSPX 'schismatic'.

Here's a transcript of the latest screed with my comm…

Desolate City- A little context from the Remnant

We can always use a little context to broaden our perspective - let we get trapped in narrow aisles of doom.

Courtesy of the Remnant

A Look Back - Cardinal Lara and the SSPX

It has been a while, but this article (quoted below) gives an idea of how a confirmation bias can lead to a false conclusion.

What did the SSPX say that Cardinal Lara said?
"The act of consecrating a bishop (without the pope's permission) is not itself a schismatic act," Cardinal Lara, President of the Pontifical Commission for the Authentic Interpretation of Canon Law, in La Repubblica, October 7, 1988) (Courtesy of

Virtues - Modesty

This post by Rorate is perfectly timed as I'm putting together a series of posts on the virtues.

This post focuses on a virtue lacking in the 'West': Modesty in dress.

Source: Rorate-Caeli Women's Fashions


The desire to destroy

Many of the 'resistors' that I have encountered seek to dissuade people from attending Mass at the SSPX. They'd rather go without the Sacraments for weeks than go to an SSPX Mass.  By they actions they seek to undermine the work of Archbishop Lefebvre by cutting off the support of its members and the laity.

The following was written by a prince resistor in reference to a non-resistor who wanted to register on his forum with the pseuonym resistanceslayer. (No it was not myself!)
The desire to destroy (animus delendi) comes from the devil -- don't ever kid yourself.   As my wife once said: When someone issues a criticism, it often is applicable to themselves.

The 'resistors' are attempting to destroy the work of Archbishop Lefebvre (I know they see it differently - but hey what else do the resistors preach against in every third or fourth YT sermon? - The SSPX.

At the same time, they are destroying their souls and those they love by staying unnecessarily a…

How did we come to this? Part 2 - From Rorate the Michael Davies Memorial Lecture by Roberto de Mattei


Along the theme of 'how did we come to this' - Rorate has posted a lecture given by Roberto de Mattei.

Dr. de Mattei's lecture provides a much needed perspective on what are the roots of this crisis of the Church.

Like an old willow tree, the older it gets, the more the roots are exposed.

Source: Rorate-Caeli

Who Has Changed?

What is left after the conspiracy theories are set aside.

Principles and Reality.

We know the principles that the SSPX follows, how it understands the crisis of the Church and how it applies those principles.

Case in point - the concept of the 'conciliar Church'.  Is it simply a movement within the Catholic Church or is it something wholly separate - with the Pope being the head of two churches at once - as the Dominicans of Avrille believe?

A Look Back - Declaration on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the episcopal consecrations (2013)

As a follow-up to the 'secret' conference given by the Avrille monk - here's the 2013 declaration made by the three remaining Bishops of the SSPX.  Please note the juxtaposition between the 'conference' and the position of the SSPX.
In spite of what they claim, Bishop Williamson, Frs. Pfeiffer, Chazel, Girouard et al are no longer members of the SSPX founded by Archbishop Lefebvre.
Their path has deviated from the Dogmas, Doctrines, and Principles of the Catholic Faith and therefore from those of Archbishop Lefebvre.
Their continual claims of being members of the SSPX are nothing more than delusions and contradicted by their 'loose association'.
Courtesy of DICI

Ordinations in France - 120...

DICI has posted some stats on the state of the priesthood in France.

This year there were 68 diocesan ordination (down from 82).  Combined with  religious ordinations the total his 120.

While this article is focused on the present state of affairs in France, the following jumped out at me:
This drop in ordinations is invariably accompanies, throughout the decades, a drop in the number of participants: in 1952, 27% of Catholics attended Mass; in 2010, only 4.5%, according to a study conducted by IFOP. In the glory years of 1952, less than a third of Catholics attended Mass.

This seems to indicate that something was wrong well before the illustrious Second Vatican Council and that the Council did not rectify the situation.


Courtesy of DICI

How is the SSPX prepared to accept the Second Vatican Council??? - Reblogged and Updated.

The Archbishop remained steadfast. In the 1980s, in his correspondence with then-Cardinal Ratzinger, Archbishop Lefebvre stated his position that the criterion for interpreting Vatican II in light of Tradition comprises three elements:

1) He and the SSPX would accept anything in Vatican II that is clearly consistent with Tradition;
2) Any ambiguous texts of Vatican II must be interpreted strictly according to Tradition; according to the consistent teaching of the Church throughout the centuries.
3) Anything in the Council that cannot be interpreted according to Tradition should be revised.

The Archbishop laid this out explicitly in his letters to Cardinal Ratzinger in 1982 and 1985.

CF News: Rome-SSPX: Background to the Doctrinal Discussions

CF News: The April 15 Deadline

A few years ago Tony La Rosa (aka ecclesia militans a Toronto based 'resistor') had a difficult time accepting this approach to the council. He held that it must be completely tossed aside. I maintained …

Letter of Bp. Fellay to Benedict XVI

This leaked letter of Bishop Fellay to Benedict XVI, provides useful insight to the attitude that one should have in addressing the Successor of St. Peter - on more than one level.

Bishop Fellay assumed the good-will of those communicating with him in unofficial capacities.Based on this he believed that the conditions for obedience may have been met ('accept us as we are').Indicates that his interview (my inference) was to obtain clarity of intention.Asks for further clarification. We know that the Pope responded with clarity.

PS. It is necessary to avoid jumping to conclusions that the Pope always wanted the SSPX to compromise.  A Catholic principle is to assume the good-will of those involved. Applying this principle, we find a consistency in the timeline that indicates that at first the Pope was willing to grant a no compromise regularization (ie requiring true obedience) and that at some point this was changed.

To cast aside this possible scenario in favour of ot…

What to do ... in times such as these ...

I think I've been distracted long enough with the 'resistance' and the attendant issues.   From my perspective, they are just another set of people who have been scandalized by the tragedy  heralded by the start of the Second Vatican Council.

So what does one do to keep their heads in times such as these ...

The Four FIRST Things - Tradical Pondering

Every Catholic should know the Four Last Things: Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell.

If there are 'Last Things', I would reason that there obviously should be 'First Things' as well as 'Middle Things'.

Perhaps these are the First Four Things for each of us - in the context of the spiritual life:

BaptismConfirmationConfessionCommunion These "Four First Things", although not necessarily in this order, set us on the road of our spiritual life.  Some (Confession and Communion) accompany us on our journey to the "Four Last Things".

Resistance Mis-Perception

I have an edition of the 'Gladium' - a glossy newsletter put out by the 'resistance'.

In it is an article written by Fr. Hewko and I want to highlight one section:

"All the errors which we [popes] have condemned are now professed, adopted and supported by the authorities of the [Conciliar] Church. Is this possible? Unless you do something to continue this Tradition of the Church which we [popes] have given you, all of it shall disappear. Souls will be lost!" (Abp. Lefebvre, Consecration Sermon, Jun 30, 1988 - According to Fr. Hewko)
The full text of the sermon can be found here at SSPXasia, here's a fuller context - can you see what Fr. Hewko added?
It seems to me, my dear brethren, that I am hearing the voices of all these Popes - since Gregory XVI, Pius IX, Leo XIII, St. Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI, Pius XII - telling us: "Please, we beseech you, what are you going to do with our teachings, with our predications, with the Catholic Faith? Ar…

Doctrinal Preamble April 15, 2012 vs Protocol 1988


Reproduced below are the Doctrinal Preamble of Bishop Fellay (2012) and Protocol of Archbishop Lefebvre (1988) for comparison.

Perhaps when I have time I will add detailed commentary.  Now, given that Archbishop Lefebvre stated that there was nothing wrong with the 1988 text of the protocol, comparing it with that of Bishop Fellay ... where's the problem?

Are as Kaesekopf of Suscipedomine wrote:
...can someone explain why trads would reject this?
Or rather, why a sedeplenist trad (who accepts the validity of the NO) would reject this?  Update: To make a comparison easier,  I have inserted the comparable elements of the Protocol developed by Archbishop Lefebvre with that of Bishop Fellay.  I have also included my own commentary in blue.

Last thought, when I first read the preamble I thought ... ok so what's the problem?  Now I that I've read it again ... I still ask: What's the problem?  It was based on the Protocol signed by Archbishop Lefebvre, which he said di…

Communique about Avrille Dominicans -

Having completed the review of the 'Avrille' perspective, this communique from the French District Superior is perfectly timed.

I believe that the 'resistance' has lost rationality and further argumentation simply results in their holding on to their false ideal all the more firmly.

Pray much ...

First, for them to acquiesce to the grace of humility in order to obtain a clear perspective on the principles involved.

Second, that we may remain faithful to the Church, and Her Dogmas, Doctrines and Principles.

Lest we become that which against we strove ...


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What is the 'Resistance' hiding? Review of "How to see clearly through the current situation of Tradition?" Part 5

The final section of the conference addresses another core 'resistance' tenet:
Relations with Conciliar Rome: can a practical agreement be considered without a doctrinal agreement? In this section, the author pulls out all the stops and exposes further the differences between their thoughts at that of the SSPX.

How did we come to this?


LifeSiteNews has an awesome article that provides a good overview of the path from the 60's to the 15's.

Life Site News has given me permission to reproduce this article in its entirety.  I think it is critical that we know how we, as Catholics, have arrived as this juncture in time where an interim report from a Synod could write:
Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community (Mid-Term Report) This is where we are today, where we will be in November is another question.

Courtesy: LifeSiteNews


What is the 'Resistance' hiding? Review of "How to see clearly through the current situation of Tradition?" Part 4


The next accusation that the author levels against the SSPX is:

Silence regarding the Roman scandals Again, in the midst of the discussions with Rome the Pope held Assisi III and Bishop Fellay authorized Fr. Regis de Cacqueray to publish an article concerning the scandal of the event ( courtesy of

The real issue is not that the SSPX doesn't warn of the various issues and scandals. Just that they don't respond in the way that the 'author' would like.

What is the 'Resistance' hiding? Review of "How to see clearly through the current situation of Tradition?" Part 3


The author of the conference makes the following claim:
The distinction between "eternal Rome" and "the Rome of Neo-Modernist and Neo-Protestant tendencies" - what was the basis of Archbishop Lefebvre's rules of engagement has been obliterated. In my opinion this is a core aspect of the 'resistance' belief system.  The problem is that the facts belie a different story than what the author claims changed in February 2013 with Fr. Gleize's article.

What is the 'Resistance' hiding? Review of "How to see clearly through the current situation of Tradition?" Part 2


Introduction to the 'Private Conference' Interestingly at the end of the introduction are the following words:
Firstly, let us say that this is not for us to judge people and to impute motives.
Above all, what is needed is to try to analyze the situation objectively based on facts and official documents. Given my encounters with "resistors", I expect to find a vary narrow selection official documents used to support what they perceive as facts in order to judge people and impute motives.

Conference on Euthanasia at SSPX Winnipeg Mass Centre - Updated

Canada has been a 'quick follower' in many of the new fads being adopted across the Western world.

The latest is euthanasia.

I received this in an email from a reader.

The SSPX Winnipeg Mass Centre (Our Lady of the Rosary) will be having a conference after Mass this coming Sunday.


Updated information July 2, 2015

Dr. Larry Rados M.D. will make a presentation to inform us about the impact on our society of the Supreme Court’s decision on Feb. 6, 2015 to strike down the ban on doctor assisted suicide. If doctor assisted suicide becomes law, what will this mean for our children, grandchildren and the future of our society?
Did you know that in 2001 the Netherlands was the 1stcountry in the world to legalize assisted suicide? Even with safeguards in place, the number of assisted suicide deaths rose from 1,882 in 2002 to 4,829 in 2013. In the Flanders region of Belgium, 32% of all deaths by euthanasia occurred without request. 16% of those euthanized in Switzerland had n…

Early Bird Tickets to the 2015 Conference for Catholic Tradition!

As a counter-point to the Synod - the SSPX is having a conference on the Family.

Which do you think will be in keeping with the Teaching of the Church?

I know where I'd put my money!


Reality Check for 'La Resistance' - The Real Line of Archbishop Lefebvre - Updated July 1, 2015


In light of Bishop Williamson's recent EC415 and this statement:
And if these officials are so corrupt in the Faith that contact with them positively endangers that faith of Catholics which is the very basis of Catholics’ spiritual life, then Catholics must positively avoid such officials. . Tradicat Evaluation of EC415
I thought it would be good to compare his approach to that of Archbishop Lefebvre - reblogged below.


What is the 'Resistance' hiding? Review of "How to see clearly through the current situation of Tradition?" Part 1

Background I have in my possession a 'private conference not to be put on the internet' titled: How to see clearly through the current situation of Tradition?  According to their website, it was delivered by a Monk of Avrille November 15, 2014.

My intention in reviewing this document is to determine if it is consistent with my earlier observations of the issues I noted in the 'resistance' (see links below). Specifically, that the 'resistance' believes that the 'conciliar Church' is a separate organization that is parallel to the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic Church.

Roman Protestants

These are confusing times for Catholics and non-Catholics alike - when the Catholic Church appears to be courting various moral and theological evils of the world.

Suffice to say that Catholics who attend the Traditional Mass will become 'more' Catholic not 'more' Protestant.


SSPX: Roman Protestants

LMS: FIUV Fundamentalist

LMS: The Traditional Mass and Ecclesiology