"La Resistance" and monsters under the bed ...


At this point in the lifecycle (really a type of death spiral) of the 'resistance', I think it is opportune to sit back, sip a little brandy and ponder what it is that is causing their irrational state of reasoning.

The first thing to acknowledge is that the alleged crisis within the SSPX exists between the ears of various former SSPX Bishop, Priests, associated religious and various laity.

The reality is this:
  1. Since 2000, when Rome showed a renewed interest in the SSPX, there have been a small number who have been screaming dire warnings of "betrayal", "sellout" and "compromise". (Note that this is now a 15 year old conspiracy theory.)
  2. The loose association of bishop and priests is largely made up of those who were either expelled in the course of the dozen years or left the Society during the intervening twelve years.  The latest batch are just late comers.
  3. No sellout or compromise has been made. The SSPX remains in a canonically irregular state because they want to be accepted "as they are".
What conclusion can we reach from this first point?

That their resistance is irrational and perhaps even delusional.

Among other aspects, I believe that one facet of this delusion is fear.

So what are the members of the 'resistance' afraid of?

I think some of them fear that the Church of Christ that they see (hint: the one united to the Successor of Peter) actually IS the Mystical Body of Christ.

So, like the Apostles in Gethsemane, when the traitor(s) approach and OLJC says to 'put up thy sword' (hint: God knows how He will solve this crisis), ... they flee.

Pray for them, because if they don't repent and swallow their pride, they will follow the example of Judas and commit spiritual suicide.



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