How far does the Apple fall from the Tree? Fr. Pfeiffer as the Apple and Bishop Williamson as the Tree. - The Sequel


Earlier I had commented on an article on the Four Marks that allegedly reflected Fr. Pfeiffer's thoughts and opinions on the Four Marks of the Church.

I had concluded that his opinions were inconsistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

A friend of mine has taken the time to review one of the source "youtube" videos upon which the Recusant article was based.   As background here's the Church Teaching on the Four Marks.

My friend's core observations were that:
  1. Father Pfeiffer fails to teach the true meaning of the Marks, and adds other elements giving the impression that they are truly parts of the Marks of the Church. 
  2. He briefly mentions, sotta voce, that Apostolicity includes the Church going back to the apostles,  then states that the other half is that "the Church want's to spread to the whole world." 

I've already noticed that 'resistors', such as Tony La Rosa (example) of the Toronto 'resistance', when faced with a doctrinal deviation (ie heresy) of the 'resistance' won't answer the challenge. The problem is that resistors appear to have given up rational thought in defense of their opinions (see cognitive dissonance and the End of the World Again).  As such when confronted with a real deviation of a serious matter, instead of answering the challenge directly - they ignore it and offer up some excuse (usually lame).

Here's some clear thinking: 
  • If Fr. Pfeiffer really said these things (thanks to YouTube we know he did), we can safely conclude that he believes them.
  • The beliefs contained in the words are objectively contrary to or obfuscate Church Teaching on the Four Marks.  Both of these are degrees of heresy
  • Conclusions:
    • Fr. Pfeiffer cannot be trusted as a guardian of the Catholic Faith as he is following Luther in re-imagining it to suit his own perception of reality.
    • By extension the 'resistance' associates (priests, bishops) adhere to an erroneous notion of the nature of the Church and Church Teaching.  This is supported by the writings of other 'resistance' leaders.
    • The 'resistance' is following its own path, not the one laid out by Archbishop Lefebvre
    • The 'resistance' is not working for the restoration of the Church, they are working for themselves. They have no obedience.
After that here's a thought for the resistance:
Matthew 7:5. Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thy own eye, and then shalt thou see to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
What is the Beam in the eyes of the 'resistance'?

Simply this: The abandonment of Catholic Dogma, Doctrine and Principles.  They've abandoned them and are blinded without them. They have become what they abhor, Traditionalist Modernists.

Once they embrace all of Catholic Teaching, not just the bits they like, they will then realize that the 'resistance' is nothing more than sede-vacantists with a paper Pope.

Then they will face a harder decision, what to do next.

I pray they make the right decision.



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