Conclusions & Lessons Learned


After more than four years of engaging in discussions (in-person and online) with:
  • 'Modern' Catholics
  • Resistors
  • Sede-Vacantists
I have arrived at the following principles for keeping discussions from flailing from one issue to another without ever reaching agreement on key points.

Tradical's Principles for Principled Discussions (TPPD)
  1. Keep calm, it is not your truth, it is the truth (Archbishop Lefebvre)
  2. It is pointless to argue with a person who defends an absurdity.
  3. Be aware of cultural landmines and when tripped, step back.
  4. Don't argue opinions, anchor all discussions in Doctrine!
Sadly, I have found that most people have a hard time reconciling their 'beliefs' with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Pray and Study!!!



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