Laying it on the Line


I had thought that Bishop Williamson was starting to see through the fog of conspiracies because of the light of true doctrine.

Then he wrote this:
But what has happened to Tradition without the Archbishop to guide it? Alas, the authorities at the top of his Society of St Pius X, which for some 40 years spearheaded the defence of the objective Faith, cannot have been praying seriously enough to protect their minds and hearts from being in turn infected by subjectivism. They too have lost the primacy of objective truth, and so they are being played by the Romans like a fish is played by a fisherman. Archbishop Lefebvre, pray for us!

So here it is, laying it on the line:

  1. The 'resistance' leaders et al have demonstrated a faulty (ie erroneous) understanding of the Four Marks which darkens (to say the least) their concepts of ecclesiology.
  2. This darkness has reached the extent that there is NO difference between 'resistance' and sede-vacantist ecclesiologies 
    1. Noticed this when I happened upon yet another sede site.
  3. True disobedience is a sin
  4. Fear mongering is simply FUD spelt backwards (see ad-nauseum fallacy)
  5. Doctrine illumines principles, principles guide action.  Faulty doctrine leads to faulty principles which leads to bad actions.  
This is the story of the resistance.  

Their entire effort rests upon a faulty foundation (doctrine) which is why they have no problem re-imagining the Catholic Principles that the Archbishop used to guide his relations with Rome. Which is why they can't seem to stop with the calumny, detraction, and false accusations.

I don't need an undergrad degree in theology or to listen to the on-going youtube 'sermons' to find out if the resistance is right.

It is simple:
  • The two groups (SSPX and former-SSPX) each hold two incompatible doctrinal positions on ecclesiology.
  • Ecclesiology is a fairly well defined area of Theology, otherwise the SSPX wouldn't have a Theological leg to stand on.  Church Teaching (ie Four Marks) is clear. *
  • Ergo there are only three possibilities
    • SSPX= right, 'resistance'=wrong
    • SSPX =wrong, 'resistance'=right
    • SSPX =wrong, 'resistance'=wrong
  • The position of the SSPX is completely consistent with Church Teaching (see four marks etc)
  • The position of the former-SSPX self styled 'resistance' is completely inconsistent with Church Teaching.
Ergo: SSPX = RIGHT, 'resistance' (aka sspx-mc, sspx-so etc etc etc)=WRONG


* The only problem is that most people need to set aside their kindergarten Catechism and man-up to reading the Catechism of the Council of Trent without any sede-vacantist interpretations.


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