The Long Fight


This article by the Remnant highlights the chasm between the manner in which the hierarchy (read Pope and Bishops) treats the Protestants / "Orthodox" and the SSPX.

This chasm, really a cultural gap, in my opinion demonstrates with whom the present hierarchy is ideologically closer: Heretics and Schismatics.

As long as Traditional Catholics are persecuted for hold to what the Church has always taught as the Church has always believed, then Traditional Catholics will never be truly welcome 'within' the Canonical Structures. 
For the regularized Traditional Catholics, they will remain on their reservations.

Silenced and muted in the face of the crisis of the Church and the loss of the Souls.  The ED communities will do what they can, but the cultural shackles remain, they cannot cross the important lines that are the artifacts of this cultural, doctrinal and moral crisis of the Catholic Church (Novus Ordo Missae, Second Vatican Council, Post-Conciliar Magisterium).
The longer the crisis lasts the greater the chasm betwixt them will grow.

Non-Traditional orders and laity continue to drift deeper and deeper into heresy and de facto schism.  They no longer recognize that which IS Catholic AS Catholic. What is worse is that they will recognize that which IS Protestant AS Catholic.
For Traditional orders (regularized and not) the danger remains that, under persecution, they will begin to confuse what they believe to be Catholic Teaching AS Catholic Teaching - when it may not be the case. 
In the former case, an ignorance of the Teachings of the Church that is their greatest danger. For the latter, an ignorance of Catholic principles is their greatest danger.  But, whereas the latter is anchored to the immutable truths of the Church, the former is not. 

Hence the greater danger is for those who labour under the 'diabolical disorientation' for one day they may wake us and not realize that they are anti-Catholics.


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