A Look Back - June 2012


In the summary of Father Themann's talk 'Resistance to What?' we find the following paragraph:
Bishop Fellay (because he is not satisfied with assurances that he can attack Vatican II) grants an interview to DICI as a test of Roman openness to attacks against Vatican II and the New Mass. Upon hearing of this interview, a very dissatisfied Cardinal Levada schedules a long meeting with Pope Benedict XVI. (source)

It was brought to my attention that the resistance faults Fr. Themann because Bishop Fellay did not criticize the Novus Ordo Missae directly in the DICI interview that he gave on June 8, 2012.

Thinking this through, it is apparent that a test of Rome's openness to attacks on V2 and the NOM does not necessarily mean that he spoke directly against both elements in the interview.

Reviewing the interview we find the following references to Vatican and the Mass (NB. not the NOM).
... What has changed is the fact that Rome no longer makes total acceptance of Vatican II a prerequisite for the canonical solution ... So the attitude of the official Church is what changed;  we did not.  We were not the ones who asked for an agreement;  the pope is the one who wants to recognize us.  ...  why this change?  We are still not in agreement doctrinally, and yet the pope wants to recognize us! ... The official authorities do not want to acknowledge the errors of the Council. ... 
Well this is definitely shows that the position of the SSPX has not altered throughout the various exchanges etc. 
... Did the novelties that were introduced during the Council start a trend of growth in the Church and an increase of vocations and religious practice?  ... If we want to make the treasure of Tradition fruitful for the good of souls, we must speak and act.  We need this twofold freedom of speech and action.  But I would mistrust a purely verbal denunciation of doctrinal errors—a denunciation that would be all the more polemical because it was only verbal ... concerning the stages in our dialogue with Rome, we must have “faith in the Traditional Mass, the Mass that demands in and of itself integrity of doctrine and of the sacraments, the assurance of all spiritual fruitfulness in the service of souls”...
Two points here ...
Novelties: Aside from the Four Points, what other Novelty is a direct result of V2? The Novus Ordo Missae which is a manifestation of the 'Spirit of the Council'.

The Traditional Mass 'demands in and of itself integrity of doctrine ...' and what is 'opposite' of the Tridentine Mass?  The Novus Ordo Missae of course.  Personally, I know that to assert that the Tridentine Mass is in anyway superior to the Novus Ordo Missae is the kiss of death for any diocesan TLM because it is seen as being divisive.

So while it may not have the character that the 'resistance' would desire, the message is unchanged.

V2, N.O.M.: Not good



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