While Rome Burns ...


Actually, one could say 'While the Church burns ...'.

Fr. Carota has a very compelling article (link) that brings to light a couple of interesting elements.

The Church is in theological, moral and structural collapse and it is mostly as a result of actions taken by forces within the Church.

Hence why it is called a crisis:

What is interesting is that Fr. Carota has echoed something that I mentioned a few years ago: The future of the Church is in the Traditionalists.


Because they are the anti-thesis to the path that the Church is walking.

They are NOT collapsing in a Theological, Structural, or Moral sense.  As a whole, CARA discovered that those religious communities are attracting young vocations.

In personal discussion, one research mentioned to me that the attrition rates between 'Traditional' and 'Modern' seminaries are the same.  The difference is that more men enter the 'Traditional' seminaries.

The question is why?

The answer is simple, the Traditional Culture fosters and supports a generosity of spirit that the modern culture does not.

Why else would 'Traditionalist' cultures have the same ratio of ordinations to faithful?  Because they are an example of what the Church Culture was, should be and will be again.

That also explains why it is being attacked by the hierarchy.

There are a number of reasons (some conspiratorial) that could be presented ... such as:

  • 'They' are fostering the complete collapse of the priesthood (and religious life in general) in order to push:
    • Married Priests
    • Priestesses
    • Lay Priests and Priestesses
  • 'They' are fostering the complete inversion of morals in order to attract
    • Divorced and 'Remarried' back into the Church
    • Same-Sex Couples
    • Co-habitating Couples
and ...

The Traditional orders undermine their vision of what the Church should be.

As one Catholic stated after I delivered a talk on the cultural aspects of Sacred Music and concluded with 5 minutes of Gregorian Chant:

I am offended.  ... I am excluded from participating ... It is exclusive ... I don't speak latin ...

The 'Church' is theologically, structurally, and morally collapsing around the vibrant Traditional Orders and this contradiction destroys the world view of 'those' in charge.

Ergo: It cannot and will not be tolerated.  Otherwise 'their' agenda will be thwarted.

And thwarted it will be ... the 'Trads' are not going away. We've been hunted and persecuted since the Council.

Why would we stop now?

All we have to do is adhere to Catholic principles and we will be safe.

When the Pope issues a legitimate command, it is sinful to disobey.

The SSPX is simply waiting for that legitimate command.  Until it is issued, we simply pray and continue to preserve that which was handed down to us.


While Rome Burns, Pope and Bishpos Attack the Latin Mass and Traditional Orders - Fr. Peter Carota


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