Tony Palmer (RIP) & the Joint Declaration On The Doctrine of Justification -1999


First off, John Vennari has an excellent post on Tony Palmer's funeral and the issues that it brings to light about the Ecumenism of Convergence that currently holds sway within the Church of Christ.  Pope Pius XI was definitely prophetic.  (Requiem for Tony Palmer)

Second, the untimely death of Tony Palmer (RIP) prompted me to review his introduction to the Ark Community.

Suffice to say, there are numerous problems with this perception of the Protestant Schism / Heresy.
I was going to write a lengthy article about the problem of 'false ecumenism', of which Mr. Palmer (RIP) was a manifestation.

However, events have carried that into the past as the Pope has now, in a recent meeting with the Tony Palmer's group, highlighted the key problem:

I am grateful to Archbishop Robert Wise and to Emiliana, who have chosen to carry the torch, this dream which was Tony's: this dream of being able to walk in communion. We are sinning against Christ's will, because we continue to focus on our differences; our shared baptism is more important than our differences. We all believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Courtesy Louie Verrecchio

Really there isn't much more to say, as the problem is embedded in this short statement by the Pope. The main problem is that the Pope appears to believe that we are 'sinning' by focusing on the Dogmas that separate the Protestants from the Catholics.

Obviously, this is wrong.

I wonder how far the Holy Ghost will allow the Pope to wander in his opinions about different dogmas.

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The following links provide references to the appropriate documents that were noted by Tony Palmer in the above video (assuming it is still available).

I have also provided:

  • The clarifications of the Church afterwards. I appears to be proverbial case of the Right Hand (CDF) not knowing what the Left Hand (PCID) was doing.
  • The Teachings of Trent on Justification
  • The opinions of the SSPX at these events.

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