Staring Contest Between Rome and the SSPX - Guess Who Just Blinked 3


In my last post on this topic, I mentioned that it appeared that the good cop / bad cop game was once again being played.

Now rorate is reporting that another Bishop, this time in Argentina, is 'excommunicating' those who turn to the SSPX for the sacraments.

Of course, there is the temptation to jump to the conclusion that this is just a presage to the some coming condemnation.

However, that does not seem to correspond with the recent declaration from the CDF.  Assuming that the SSPX didn't do anything 'new' in the diocese - what could have prompted this action? Also, is there a historical basis to make an assessment?

Regarding the former, nothing appears to be mentioned in the letter, as with the Italian version, there is simply nothing to indicate that the SSPX did anything brazen.

This means that we must look further afield for the impetus to this second condemnation.

This leads us to the latter issue.  When a Pope last did something beneficial to the SSPX, it evoked a response from various members in the Church. Even Cardinal Mueller threatened the SSPX with excommunication.

My conclusion, is that these events are a reaction to the CDF declaration and spurred on by a fear that some further action, beneficial to the SSPX, is in the works.

What can they be afraid of?

I think I know, the SSPX being 'regularized' without needing to compromise.

Now that would cause a reaction!

Given the Pope's outreach to those 'farther' from the Church than the SSPX, such as the Old Catholics, Protestants etc, it would seem strange that the SSPX is left 'out in the cold'.

Time will tell, but all we need to do to make a difference is to pray, do penance and be patient.



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