Catholic Culture (Dr. Jeff Mirus) is Just Plain Confusing


In their attempts to spin the outputs of the Synod, some 'Neo-Con' commentators heads are now facing backwards.

Dr. Jeff Mirus is one such commentator.  Who creates a straw-man argument about why the Traditionalists oppose allowing people living in concubinage to receive Holy Communion.

The Truth is hard, but here is goes:

  1. People living in state of concubinage, whether civilly sanctioned or not, are objectively living in a state of mortal sin.
  2. To receive Holy Communion knowingly in the state of mortal sin is to commit the sin of sacrilege.
  3. If the Church were to 'officially' allow them to receive Holy Communion, then is it enabling the performance of these acts of sacrilege and furthering the guilt of the people committing these sins of sacrilege.
The logic is fairly simple ... 

Now that people are drawing conclusions about the beliefs of the clerics (Card. Kasper) is natural and to be fostered with a correct understanding of Church doctrine on the matter. 

Looking at the last line of the following paragraph, perhaps I'm wrong but Dr. Mirus appears to have missed the point.  It is Catholic dogma that to receive Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin is sacrilegious.

In the aftermath of the push for the Kasper Proposal at the 2014 Synod on the Family, some Catholics have fallen into the fairly serious error of confusing sacramental discipline with Catholic doctrine. It is Catholic doctrine, for example, that valid sacramental marriage is indissoluble, rendering subsequent attempts at marriage invalid while the abandoned spouse still lives. But it is sacramental discipline that divorced and remarried Catholics are not to receive Communion.Catholic Culture: Do not confuse sacramental discipline and Catholic doctrine

Maybe the next Papal pronouncement will cause their heads to spin around again and then they'll be facing the right way.



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