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Synod Pre-Game Show V


I received this on Sept 24th and thought is an appropriate additional post for the pre-game show.


Mercy, Truth, Marriage, and Family at the Upcoming Synod

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In his February 20, 2014 address, "The Gospel of the Family," to the extraordinary Consistory of Cardinals, Cardinal Walter Kasper, raised some important questions and topics for consideration,
including the below.

"The gospel of marriage and the family is no longer intelligible to many. For many it does not appear to be a livable option in their situation. What are we to do?"
"...many deserted partners, for the sake of the children, are dependent upon a new partnership and a civil marriage, which they cannot again quit without new guilt. In such new ties they often experience human happiness—indeed a virtual gift from heaven—after previous bitter experiences. What can the Church do in such situations?...The question, therefore, is how the Church can conform to this indissoluble cohesiveness of fidelity and mercy in its pastoral practice with civilly remarried, divorced people."

"...If we exclude divorced and remarried Christians, who are properly disposed, from the sacraments and refer them to the extrasacramental way of salvation, do we not then place the fundamental sacramental structure of the Church in question? Wherefore then the Church? Do we not then pay too high a price? Some argue that it is precisely nonparticipation in communion that demonstrates the sanctity of the sacrament...Does that not exploit a human being, if we make him or her into a sign for others, when he or she cries for help? Are we going to let him or her starve sacramentally
so that others may live?"
Ignatius Press believes that  these questions and topics need to be prayerfully and thoughtfully considered and explored.

In fact, we have taken Cardinal Kasper's request for answers and responses to the questions he raised so seriously, that we have published three books on the topic.

We hope that they will aid in an understanding of Church's teaching and practice on marriage and family and how they relate to the upcoming synod's theme: “The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization.”

Pre-order your copies today!

The Gospel of the Family
J.J. Pérez-Soba and S. Kampowski
Foreword by Cardinal George Pell
Softcover, 255 pages 

A constructive critique and engagement of Cardinal Kasper's proposals on marriage, divorce, civil remarriage and Holy Communion.


The Hope of the Family
Gerhard Cardinal Müller
Softcover, 86 pages 

An interview with the Vatican's
Prefect of the Congregation for
the Doctrine of the Faith.



Remaining in the Truth
of Christ

Edited by Robert Dodaro, O.S.A
Softcover, 330 pages 

Featuring essays by five Cardinals of the Catholic Church and four other scholars.


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