Michael Voris, Cardinal Burke and Mark Shea


I read the script for Michael Voris' little "What's a Catholic To Do?" piece and I was going to show the flaws ... and than I saw the satirical piece by the Remnant.

So, in the interest of keeping some perspective, I'm going to repost what is an excellent piece taking, what I believe to be, shots at the irrational position the CMTV has decided to take.  Not to mention that they chastise people for not following their 'high road'.

Of course I find it laughable that now Mark Shea as posted:

"Well done, Michael Voris

He apologizes for his “Pope Harming the Church” video:....
The sad thing is that all Michael did was repeat the words said by a Cardinal who just defended the perennial teaching of the Church.  Now Mark Shea thinks he did wrong, which means that Cardinal Burke did wrong.
I only hope that when Michael's head stops spinning it is facing forward!

Courtesy of The Remnant


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BREAKING: Michael Voris Quits CMTV, Going to Work for Mark Shea

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Michael VorisMichael Voris
As many of you know, Michael Voris recently apologized for reporting Cardinal Raymond Burke’s statement that Pope Francis was doing harm to the Church. Hours later, however, Voris came to the conclusion that his own logic additionally forbade him from continuing on at CMTV. In a statement released minutes ago, Voris says the following:

“Clarification (Part Deux)

Hello everyone. MichaeVoris coming tyou from Rome with a secondclarification.

I aired a breaking news report apologizing for my egregious and sinful behavior in reporting the words of Cardinal Burke that Pope Francis is harming the Church. 

However , after further reflection, I have realized that I can no longer continue saying on air how cardinals, bishops and priests are harming the Church either. Yes, it is true that for a long time I have disliked the bishops and have openlmockedthem. I have practically created a cottage industry out of combing thru eversyllable they utter and producingr eams of criticisms over them.
I have introduced to the Catholic worlthings thamost Catholics would never hear of if it werent for my ongoing discussions of them. I have been sewing massive and countless doubtin the minds of many Catholics about the bishops ’legitimacy and authority and driving theto consider leaving the Church and entering the SSPX….I’m sorry, not the SSPX….I simply meant “independent Catholic enclaves that exercise no legitimate authoritin the Church.”

I wish tmake abundantly clear that in no way shape or form do condone anything of the sort.The bishops arelegitimate bishops and any kind of pretended communion witthe Churcwhile rejecting the bishops is not possible.You are either in full communion or you are not.

In short, my mistakes over the years are now being used to make hay and I decry that. For example Cardinal Dolan is a bishop. He is a Prince of the Church. We are called to love the successors of the Apostles, to pray for them. His is the first name I mention in offering up my daily flagellations, recitation of the Divine Office, diet of bread and water, wearing of a hair shirt, and caring for stray puppies at my local humane society.

I have dedicated the remainder of my life to serving the Church and to have to consider that I did something that brought some harm to Her makes me heart sick. On a personal note, to show you how bothered in spirit I am by my actions, I have made a general confession and will forgo receiving Holy Communion one day for every time I have criticized a cardinal bishop or priest. Thus, according to my calculations I will begin to receive Holy Communion again sometime in the next Presidential administration. 

Indeed, the bishops should not be publicly criticized by a lay Catholic, much less mocked and called insulting names and made the butt of jokes. If I continue to do that, then I will have to give an account to Our Lord for mocking His princes when I die.

I want no part of that. Again, I was mistaken, and that mistake should not be being multiplied by those who see it as an opportunity.

As a consequence, I can no longer make videos or work at CMTV. 

Insshea and voristead I will be working for Mark Shea who has been gracious enough to offer me a small position on his two new radio shows. There I will be certain to never again say anything of consequence that will give any soul the slightest impression that anything is amiss in the Conciliar Church. As extra penance I have agreed to groom Mark’s cats, iron the super-hero costumes he will wear on the air and laugh hysterically at all of his inane and corny jokes. This will indeed be my ticket to bypass purgatory.

Thank you and please keep me in your prayers. And, for the last time….GOD Love you.  Michael Voris"

Brothers in Arms--Michael Voris and Mark Shea


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