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The Elimination of Pockets of Resistance - II - UPDATED


Updated - scroll to bottom

As I mentioned here, 'cue Fr. Greiger', he has now responded with another counter-post.

Everything is as it is normally, however then there was this:

Yet, riding the wave of the cutting edge “reporting” of Rorate Caeli, even a “real” journalist fails to do even the least amount of due diligence before tweeting the following:

This is from someone who writes for The Weekly StandardThe Wall Street Journaland The Spectator.  But he is just “repeating” what he read on Rorate Caeli.  Now, of course, New Catholic will deny he called the FI under commission a heretical order, but that is clearly what he meant.  Why else would a friar otherwise have no way out but to abandon the priesthood?  In fact, Rorate Caeli retweeted Schulman’s smear.
But be sure, no one will take responsibility for spreading the lie that the friars who support the Apostolic Commission are heretics, nor will anyone take responsibility for having sowed the seed of dissension and despair by suggesting that friars confronted with the duty to obey the Church in difficult circumstances will have no choice but to leave the priesthood.

Here we see a perfect example of the application of a confirmation bias driven by a cultural perspective.

Here is how Fr. Greiger parsed the statement thus:

  • Papal blacklist 
  • 4 (for) bishops 
  • who shelter refugees 
  • from heretical order 
  • condemned for being nonheretics?
In Fr. Greger's mind, he associates the order under the 'commission' with the statement 'heretical.

However, I don't parse it the same way ... perhaps because I do not assume a malfeasance on the part of Mr. Schulman.

  • Papal blacklist 
  • 4 (for) bishops 
  • who shelter refugees 
  • from heretical order condemned for being non heretics?

The FFI came under the 'commission' because of the 'crypto-lefebvrism' that Fr. Greiger opposes with such vehemence. 

In short, they touched upon the cultural assumption that Fr. Greiger holds strongly: The Second Vatican Council was a great event in the life of the Church and nothing is or can be wrong with the documents.  To hold this opinion is 'heretical'.

The commision holds the FFI as 'heretical' because they dared to question the Second Vatican Council.

However, given that the FFI members being chastised for their presumption havn't denied a dogma of the Church - they are non-heretics.

That's the way I see it ...

I guess Fr. Greiger just seeks offense in anything that doesn't correspond to his own narrative of the events.


PS.  My wife has noted that many time, when we have been accused of something, the accuser is often guilty of the same fault.
This is a plague upon the Church and the Internet is its delivery system.  The Catholic blogosphere needs a purge.  We need to stop the rumor-mongering and vicious gossip.
I wonder if Fr. Greiger's denunciation of his confreres, superiors et al as being crypto-lefebvrists constitutes rumor-mongering and vicious gossip?

My wife is very wise.


Fr. Greiger tweeted Mr. Schulman.  Here's his response.

It would appear that my interpretation was closer to the mark.



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