The Modern Ecumenical Heresy - Verrecchio


Mr Verrecchio has a very good video outlining the differences between the pre and post conciliar perspective on Ecumenism and those separated from the Church of Christ (read: Heretics and Schismatics).

This ties in well with a topic that I am currently studying, namely the four elements of Vatican II that the SSPX holds contradict prior magisterium.

Courtesy of Mr. Louie Verrecchio

While I would be cautious in applying the moniker of 'heresy' since people jump to incorrect conclusions (read: Sedevacantism).  

Heresy 'admits' of degrees, where the ultimate level results in a loss of the Faith and severing from the Church.  The degree of communion

Communion itself is also a tricky concept (caveat: sitting in armchair) in that a properly baptised person cannot efface the mark to a degree to fully sever the relationship with the Church.  That is why canon law makes exceptions for protestants to marry 'outside the Church'.



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