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Modernism Alive and Well in Diocese of Erie, PA. Here's the Antidote - Remnant

I had noticed Msgr. Henry A. Kriegel's youtube-culosis video a few days ago and was mustering the energy to provide some insight to the errors listed.

Thankfully, the Remnant's Chris Jackson has taken the matter in hand.


Courtesy of The Remnant

October's Radical Synod - John Vennari

Mr. Vennari has taken the time to review the working document.  What he has found is, as expected, very disturbing  (Article).
The document contains good points, major deficiencies and frightening proposals. The three most radical proposals are:
1) A new “pastoral solution” to allow divorce and remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion;
2) A new “pastoral approach” that permits the baptism of children from same-sex couples, thus indirectly legitimizing these unions;
3) A recasting of natural law in “new language”, which threatens to undermine our entire ethical foundation of true morality.
Indeed the Synod’s Working Document further displays the triumph of the New Theology over today’s Vatican; the same new theology that wrought havoc at Vatican II and continues its destructive path to this day.  There is still time to Pray, Make Penance and practice Patience.

The Church is indefectible, but it is obviously dangerous to tempt God and that is what appears to be set to happen…

Is Dogma Important?

Are the Dogmas of the Catholic Church important?

Apparently not.

At least not if it is a 'stumbling block' (read: Archbishop Bugnini) between our separated brethren (read: schismatic & orthodox).

But I'm getting ahead of myself ...

Francis Speaks, Scalfari Transcribes, Brandmüller Shreds - Sandro Magister

Sandro Magister has written and article  responding to some of the musings found within the latest Scalfari interview.

Whether or not the words are those of the Pope isn't really the point.

The point is that the people (Miberals and Lodernists) itching for the razing of some more bastions (Celibate Priesthood and Communion for Catholics living in Concubinage ) are encouraged by this kind of loose treatment of the Doctrines, Dogmas, and Disciplines of the Church.

Because of its content Cardinal Brandmüller's article follows, but I recommend you to follow the link and read Sandro's introduction.


The Modern Ecumenical Heresy - Verrecchio

Mr Verrecchio has a very good video outlining the differences between the pre and post conciliar perspective on Ecumenism and those separated from the Church of Christ (read: Heretics and Schismatics).

This ties in well with a topic that I am currently studying, namely the four elements of Vatican II that the SSPX holds contradict prior magisterium.

Courtesy of Mr. Louie Verrecchio

While I would be cautious in applying the moniker of 'heresy' since people jump to incorrect conclusions (read: Sedevacantism).  

Liturgical Innovator Appeals to “Tradition” to Support Lay Homilies - Remnant

+  JMJ
While it is laughable that the Sister involved is appealing to a tradition of 40 years, it is not surprising.  
She and those like her have become separated (re schism or rupture) from the Liturgical Tradition that existed prior to the Council.  
As such, the novelty that she is defending is all that she 'knows' per se.
Following the Be Brief, Be Blunt and Be Gone guideline applied to the Sacrament of Confession, the answer that should be given is simple: For the past 40 years this liturgical abuse has been tolerated.It will be tolerated no longerIf you want to be a protestant, then go to the protestant 'church' down the street.
P^3 Prayer Penance Patience

Courtesy of the Remnant

Bishop Fellay November 2013 Interview Transcript - A Look Back DICI/


Culturally, the SSPX evokes extreme responses from just about any Catholic or Non-Catholic.  A lot of these responses are constrained by simple prejudice.
Fr. Greiger (of MaryVictrix) appears to be of a similar ilk when he makes various statements about the SSPX etc.  
Frankly, Fr. Greiger doesn't seem to realize that he has more in common with the SSPX that he knows.  The real difference is in the principles that guide the actions.
In any case, I attach here a copy of the an interview given by Bishop Fellay that also provides an explanation of the 'genuine modernist' statement.
P^3 Prayer Penance Patience

Padre Pio: The Mass -

The Mass is, in cultural terms, the greatest artifact that the Church possesses.

Within the Tridentine Mass was expressed repeatedly and with profound reverence the key Teachings of the Church.

It fostered a culture that had the strength to face the Wolves.


Courtesy of

Padre Pio: On Vatican II -


Some may find it strange that I added the FFI label to this post.  What caught my attention was this:
He was a model of respect and submission towards his religious and ecclesiastical superiors, especially during the time when he was persecuted. Nonetheless, he could not remain silent over a deviation that was baneful to the Church. I was struck by the contrast between Fr. Greiger et al and St. Padre Pio - both Franciscans and yet both quite different.

The common issue is ... the Mass.

The difference is ... the Mass.



Padre Pio: on Vatican II & New Mass

Liturgical Music

H/T: Musings of Perinacious Papist

Here's a more serious version of the same presentation.

A Little Cultural Perspective on Traditionalism and the 'Four Points' - Part 1

Fr. Greiger has explained his opposition to 'traditionalism':
So I openly resist traditionalism because the question of its relative evil when compared to modernism misses the point. Traditionalism proposes itself as the solution of modernism and reduces if not completely eliminates a middle ground. You, in fact, completely, ignore the middle ground.
And that ground is precisely what I am fighting for because it is made of rock and not sand. This 'ground' that he is willing to fight for ... I wonder if it really is 'rock' and not sand.  It will all depend upon the principles that he bases his stand.  What principles does he invoke in defense of his disobedience? Make no bones about it, Fr. Greiger's entire rebellion is based upon an act of disobedience, just like Archbishop Lefebvre. The question is can he justify it in a rational sense vs the calamity of that has fallen upon the Church of Christ since the Second Vatican Council.  The superiors o…

The Vatican and SSPX – An Organizational Culture Perspective - Reblogged

Reblogged from The Vatican and SSPX – An Organizational Culture Perspective August 29,2012.
IntroductionThe recent and continuing interactions between the Vatican and the SSPX have been a great opportunity for prayer and reflection. 
The basis for the disagreement is theological and not liturgical. As noted by Dr. Lamont (2012), the SSPX theological position on the four key controversial aspects of the Second Vatican Council are base on prior theological work that resulted from relevant magisterial pronouncements.  So it is difficult to understand the apparent rejection of the theological position of the SSPX.

I Believe in Ghosts - MaryVictrix and Fr. Greiger

Fr. Greiger's latest anti-traditionalist posting has some interesting points that give more insight to his motivations.
Crypto-Lefebvrism is theoretical and practical agreement with the anticonciliar ideas of the SSPX, involving whatever dissimulation is necessary to continue to operate within full communion. Bishop Fellay has made reference to bishops who act in this fashion, who are in agreement with the SSPX, but more or less camouflage their intentions in order not to be removed from influence (1:14:00-1:16:30).

Mary Victrix (Kinda, Sorta, Maybe) Responds to Comments on "The Crypto-Lefebvrist Dodge" with "What Happened to the Dialogue between Rome and the SSPX?"

Fr. Greiger has posted an article  partially in response to my email/blog posting pointing out some of the inconsistencies.

At least I think it is a response - he seems to think that my post was was fatuous.  Well, I believe his perspective is skewed by a significant confirmation bias.

Either way Father, thank you for noticing.
Crypto-Lefebvrist Dodge - The Objective of the SSPX during the discussions
First we need to finish off the issue that I had with Father's earlier post. Specifically this assertion:
" ... I have been saying for a long time that Bishop Fellay, the superior of the Society of St. Pius X, has been highly successful at executing his intention for the now failed dialogue with Rome. That intention, which he explicitly stated a number of times, was that the work of the Society should serve to weaken the influence of Vatican II. Roberto de Mattei has labored at this right along the Society of St. Pius X. ..." (Source) Fr. Greiger's assertion is t…

Validity of new rite of episcopal consecrations - Courtesy of

In the blogosphere there are number of responses to this crisis in the Catholic Church that lead to conclusions that run counter to Catholic Doctrine and Dogmas - if taken to their logical conclusion.

The validity of the New Rite of Episcopal consecrations is one such hotspot within more extreme sections of the 'traditionalist' culture.

Validity of new rite of episcopal consecrations

Courtesy of SSPX.orgWhy the new rite of episcopal consecration is valid
Introduction This comprehensive study was compiled to settle a debate that has been circulating in traditional Catholic circles. Some writers have examined the new rite of episcopal consecration and concluded that it must be invalid. Since this would cause manifest problems if it were true and due to the heightened awareness of such a theory, we present a study of this question concluding that it is valid. Following the Council, in 1968 a new rite for the ordination of bishops was promulgated. It was, in fact, the first …

Must priests who come to Tradition be re-ordained? -

As noted in the post on the issue of Episcopal Consectraiont, there are number of responses to this crisis in the Catholic Church that lead to conclusions that run counter to Catholic Doctrine and Dogmas - if taken to their logical conclusion.

The validity of the rite of ordination is another hotspot within more extreme sections of the 'traditionalist' culture.

What the Halifax is Theology of the Body?

As a 'traditionalist' I have occasionally been confronted and confused by the 'Theology of the Body' or ToB.

Firstly, the ToB body of knowledge (ToBBok) is based upon a series of Angelus talks given by Pope St. John Paul II.

Secondly, is it a binding teaching of the Church of Christ ... nope see Ite Ad Thomam link below.

Thirdly, what the heck is it?
See remnant references and Wiki.  Whatever StJP2 intended, the talks are simply used to continue to invert the priorities of marriage by exchanging procreation with conjugal love.

This obviously is my opinion and if anyone can provide a succinct explanation - please provide a comment.

Explanation of 'consultants': Whenever something is ambiguous or difficult to understand (more often the former than the latter) it engenders a cottage industry of people who make a living explaining the topic.

Remnant: 2008 Theology of the Body
Remnant: 2009 Christopher West Show
Ite Ad Thomam: ToB

Credidimus Caritati - French Blog - Even in the Crisis: Gentleness, Kindness, Patience and Forebearance - Updated

+ JMJ Reblogged

For those readers who understand french or who can tolerate a google translation, the blog Credidmus Caritati was recently recommended to me by a French SSPX priest.

The blog "focuses on the spiritual legacy of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (1905-1991) whose episcopal motto was Credidimus caritati (We believed in charity)."

As such the articles focus on the sermons that have a spiritual aspect to them. This is crucial in this long crisis of the Church as without a solid spiritual life as foundation, many crumble under the pressure of the attacks of the world, flesh and devil.

Prayer Penance Patience

Rome and the SSPX - A Timeline - Work In Progress

Where did the conflict between the Pope(s) and the SSPX start?

This is a small project to put together a complete timeline of the key events in the crisis of the Church from the Second Vatican Council to the present.  I'll be updating and 'reblogging' this post from time to time.

196X: Convocation of the Second Vatican Council
196X: Closing of the Second Vatican Council
196X: Proto Normative Missae

197X: Winnipeg Statement
197X: Communion in the hand
197X: Promulgation of the Novus Ordo Missae

The pope has never suppressed the SSPX: only the pope, not a local bishop, has the authority to suppress a religious order (1917 Code of Canon Law, canon 493 and 1983 Code of Canon Law, canon 616). Timeline of

Mary Victrix: The Cyrpto-Lefebvrist Dodge (aka The Crypto-Lefebvrist Dodge)

Setting aside the spelling mistake in the title, I noticed yet another volley in the ongoing war of words between Fr. Greiger and various other people he has labelled as 'cyrpto-lefebvrists'.

I also noticed that he has made some statements that are not supported by references or distort the actual positions of the SSPX.

As a rule I assume that a person is of good-will and not of malicious intent.

This is, after all, the Catholic approach to relations.

So at this point I am assuming that Father Angelo Mary Greiger is simply operating under a confirmation bias, that he may be using to reduce any cognitive dissonance that he is experiencing.

As such when I noticed some of the issues with the post were incorrect, I emailed Fr. Greiger my thought.

As he has not amended the article, I post below a copy of my email.


Modernist as Reformer ht/PP

Pertinacious Papist has posted an excerpt that is bang-on for diagnosing the crisis of the Church.

The source: Pope St. Pius X (whom the Vatican website has finally canonized!), Pascendi - article 38.

The context: Exposing the methods and errors of the Modernists of his time which are not that far removed from those of our time - a mere hundred years later.

Rorate Caeli: "Catholic, evidently": 20 new priests! And the lesson of Benedict XVI

Rorate has posted an announcement of the ordinations of the SSPX. To this they have attached a reminder of the attitude that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI had towards the SSPX.

While some (Fr. Greiger) "have no sympathy for the SSPX" at least there was some tolerance during the reign before Pope Francis.

But should not the great Church also allow herself to be generous in the knowledge of her great breadth, in the knowledge of the promise made to her? Should not we, as good educators, also be capable of overlooking various faults and making every effort to open up broader vistas? And should we not admit that some unpleasant things have also emerged in Church circles? At times one gets the impression that our society needs to have at least one group to which no tolerance may be shown; which one can easily attack and hate. And should someone dare to approach them – in this case the Pope – he too loses any right to tolerance; he too can be treated hatefully, without misgivin…