Cultural Dissonance, and Immune Responses


When two strong cultures clash in an organization, a war will result.

Analogically, this is an immune response, a fever if you will, in the parent organization.

Which one will win in the end? Ultimately, we have God's word that the Church will not fail.

It doesn't mean that She cannot be made ill by the virus of heresy.

The situation of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate is, unfortunately, a perfect example of just such an immune response.

The following links provide some insight however it suffices to say that the FFI crossed two cultural lines:

  1. Implementation of the Tridentine Mass as a norm for the conventual Masses.
  2. Beginning to question some of the cultural assumptions regarding the Second Vatican Council.
For this, they are called 'crypto-Lefebvrists' and banned from saying the TLM.

In my opinion God has protected the SSPX from a dangerous situation.  

Pray that they may be strong and guided well in their trial.



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