Pope Francis and Changing Organizational Culture

Steve Skojec has a good article that has been linked by Angel Queen.

In his article Mr. Skojec outlines some of the issues that Catholics should have with the way the Pope is behaving and speaking.

Some of the images are unsettling, but relevant to what is happening in the Church today.

While Traditionalists have been used to looking with askance upon some of the statements of the reigning pontiffs since Pius XII, 'modern' Catholics today are also being shaken and confused.

While the confusion being cast on the Church by the Pope is, at best unsettling, it may have another purpose in the long-term.

This may be an 'unfreezing' of the Culture of the Church.

I have gotten ahead of myself.

Prior to changing a culture in an organization it is necessary to 'unfreeze' it first, implement the change and then 'refreeze' the culture.

There are two ways to 'unfreeze' a culture.

  1. The leader explains the external forces that, make necessary a cultural change and the organization's members realize the need for change. 
  2. Create a crisis, forcing the organization's members out of their cultural 'norms'.
Pope Benedict's pontificate may have been God's way of trying method #1.

Pope Francis' pontificate gives every appearance of being method #2 the creation of a crisis - similar to the one that caused the Western Schism.

I know some people will offer the retort that the Church has been in crisis since (actually before) the Second Vatican Council. 

However, the cultural norms that have settled in since the Council are preventing any significant return to pre-conciliar doctrinally based cultural norms. 

My conclusion from reading the reactions to Pope Francis' statements on multiple levels is that those Catholics who have retained at least a 'modicum' of Catholic identity are now having their culture unfrozen.  

I fear that we are nearing a true schism within the Church, day by day.

Time will only tell if God decides to provide the grace to the Pope to properly make the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.



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