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Heresy Plain and Not So Simple - Part 2

As noted previously, on another web forum, I was engaged in a rather heated discussion about the documents of Vatican II.

One of the posters (Catholicam) wrote:
So you believe it was a true Council,
You then must believe it to be a work of the Church.
Which would mean that the Church can promote heresy and error.
Original Post on Ignis Ardens There are a number of elements in this that have been discussed here and here, but the questions that arose in my mind are:

When is the Church Teaching?  Do the teachings of the Second Vatican II constitute Heresy in the first degree?

The Proper Use for Internet Discussion Forums

It was suggested that I put together a quick posting on the proper use of a Catholic internet forum (not that I've had any problems here ...)

The basic issue is that we should not gossip or sin while we are discussing topics.

Pretty simple.

Avoid calumny, detraction, slander, vulgarity, name calling etc.

Attack the argument, but not the opponent.

Practicing virtue is essential and a good one to start with is Charity.

Cultural Faultlines, the Church after the Second Vatican Council, and the SSPX 2012

In a discussion on the expulsion of Bishop Williamson from the SSPX, the topic turned to organizational culture.