Thin Edge of the Wedge Part B - Eucharistic Devotions of Reparation - Devotion to the Sacred Heart and links to Devotion to the Immaculate Heart

As noted in the first post of this theme, The Devotion to the Sacred Heart has a strong focus on the Eucharist and reparation.

What is also important is that there is a link to the Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, making, in a sense, this devotion an extension to that of the Sacred Heart.

In the encyclical HAURIETIS AQUAS on the Devotion of the Sacred Heart by Pope Pius XII, we find the following paragraphs:

123. Finally, moved by an earnest desire to set strong bulwarks against the wicked designs of those who hate God and the Church and, at the same time, to lead men back again, in their private and public life, to a love of God and their neighbor, We do not hesitate to declare that devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the most effective school of the love of God; the love of God, We say, which must be the foundation on which to build the kingdom of God in the hearts of individuals, families, and nations, as that same predecessor of pious memory wisely reminds us: "The reign of Jesus Christ takes its strength and form from divine love: to love with holiness and order is its foundation and its perfection. From it these must flow: to perform duties without blame; to take away nothing of another's right; to guide the lower human affairs by heavenly principles; to give the love of God precedence over all other creatures."

124. In order that favors in greater abundance may flow on all Christians, nay, on the whole human race, from the devotion to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus, let the faithful see to it that to this devotion the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God is closely joined. For, by God's Will, in carrying out the work of human Redemption the Blessed Virgin Mary was inseparably linked with Christ in such a manner that our salvation sprang from the love and the sufferings of Jesus Christ to which the love and sorrows of His Mother were intimately united. It is, then, entirely fitting that the Christian people - who received the divine life from Christ through Mary - after they have paid their debt of honor to the Sacred Heart of Jesus should also offer to the most loving Heart of their heavenly Mother the corresponding acts of piety affection, gratitude and expiation. Entirely in keeping with this most sweet and wise disposition of divine Providence is the memorable act of consecration by which We Ourselves solemnly dedicated Holy Church and the whole world to the spotless Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In my next post in this series, I will try to summarize the Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

For your reference I have re-formatted the wonderful book that I found on wikisource as part of my research into the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  While there is a print version available from TAN, I thought this would be useful for any of this blog's readers.

Here's the description provided by TAN

THE DEVOTION TO THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS by Fr. John Croiset, S.J. can be truly said to be the book on this devotion. Written by the spiritual direct of St. Margaret Mary (1647-1690), the book comes from the pen of a man intimately familiar with every aspect of the revelations given by Our Lord to this famous Saint; thus, the book is actually the “key” to understanding the important and the centrality of the Sacred Heart devotion for our lives as Catholics. THE DEVOTION TO THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS was actually commissioned by Our Lord Himself through St. Margaret May, and as the author neared completion of it, the Saint told him that Our Lord said it was so completely in accord with His wishes that it would never be necessary to make any change in it. Later she revealed to Fr. Croiset that it was Our Lord Himself who had inspired him with the ideas in this book and that it was so pleasing to Him that “none other but Himself could have arranged everything so much to His wishes.”This present translation is the first in English of the unabridged book and contains Fr. Croiset’s full sketch of the Saint’s life, as well as all her prayers in honor of the Sacred Heart, and a complete list of the Promises of the Sacred Heart.

Here's a link to amazon if you want to buy a print copy.

Here's a link to the pdf that I created: Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Finally, for further reading Fr. Hardon has written a few articles on the Devotion to the Sacred Heart. Here's one that may be of use: The Sacred Heart and the Eucharist


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